Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 200.8
No gain or loss which is pretty awesome considering I am on my period and it is the day after the fair where I ate my fair share of sugary fried things, washed down with some icy brews. Down 22.2 overall. I have not been trying very hard in regards to dieting or cutting back my drinking this summer. School starts next Wednesday and I feel like that will get me back in the mode. Right now, our weeks are full of fun activities and going out too much so I'm happy to just maintain.

Lifetime Steps: 3,569,115
95,671 since last week so 13,667 per day average. This is more like it. Yesterday at the fair I chalked up a big ol' 16,787 steps. I exceeded my 10k step daily goal every day since last Wednesday and that is what I'm talking about.

Measurements: (again, unsure about this but glad to see down overall)
Bust 41 (November was 44 so down 3")
Waist 36 (November was 39 so down 3")
Hips 43 (November was 45 so down 2")
Thigh 25 (November was 27 so down 2")
Arm 14 (November was 14 so maintain)

Frame of Mind
I'm excited about some before and after action.  We went to the fair and just looking at the comparison between last year's picture and this year, I can see such a difference in our faces. I compared a picture from September when I got the Fitbit and I just can't believe how my body has changed. I have forty to fifty pounds to lose if I want to be in a "normal" weight range so I need to keep remembering how easy it is to gain this weight back and how hard it is to lose it.
Otherwise, things are good. It's been a very fun summer. I can't complain. I just hope that we don't have a nuclear holocaust on our hands like the news makes it sound like. That would be a huge bummer.

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Coodence said...

That bottom picture is CRAZY!! You go girl! Can't stop, won't stop!