Weight In Wednesday

Weight: 200.8
Down .6 since last week and 22.2 overall. I didn't do measurements this morning so I'll do them next week. I noticed my pants are feeling looser. That's nice. I haven't exactly been super diet conscious lately. I need to try harder. I didn't drink on Monday night and I think that was the same as last week? Yesterday, however, I went to visit BFF who is recovering from surgery and we had celebratory drinks and pizza and on the way home I overindulged in a thing called brownie brittle that I never need to have again ever. Amen. Unless PMS ruins everything, I hope to be under 200 by next week. Please and thank you.

Lifetime Steps: 3,473,444
That's 71,795 since last week which averages to 10,256/day. This is not great. I did not hit my goal on Friday (2,180 short), Saturday (2,938 short), Sunday (1,857 short) or yesterday (449 short). No bueno. Friday I had a doctor's appointment and picked the kids up early so no walk. Saturday and Sunday were sort of lazy meandering days and I didn't make the time to go for a walk and instead napped both days for a long time. Yesterday I drove down to LA and back and spent a lot of time on the couch chatting with my bestie. I was going to be lazy again but after dinner I loaded Sis in the stroller and we took a nice little walk together where I got a good sweat going thanks to the humidity and I felt better because I chose not to be lazy. Choosing is a big part of all this.

Frame of Mind
My Fitbit is sort of broken and it is frustrating me while I wait for my replacement. It is not recording my active steps and it won't sync and I have become aware of how addicted I am to this little piece of technology. My head doesn't seem like it is in the game in regards to my diet other than when I am at work. I'm struggling with not drinking during the week but I will say it has gotten much better than the 3 drinks a night I used to drink. I've been snacking after dinner and I'm not going to get where I want to be if I don't buckle down. At least our Blue Apron dinners have us eating healthy goodness.
In real life? I'm stoked I got to see BFF yesterday and see that she is recovering so well. I was super worried and now I feel like I don't have to be because she is a warrior princess. On Friday I got the diagnosis that I have ringworm and I'm bummed about that but whatever, I have cream and this too shall pass and whatever. School starts in two weeks and I welcome being back in our regular routine again. I love my family and my job is great and I have no complaints other than whatever the eff is going on in Washington DC so I guess I consider myself hashtagblessed.
See how good she looks? And how happy we are?

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