Book Review

For my birthday, Christine bought me Bert Kreischer's "Life of the Party" because she came with me to see him perform in January and clearly was listening as I repeatedly expressed my love for him during the show. I am ashamed that it has been almost two months since I finished my last book but I'm glad I have been slowly reading these stories all this time. I've been laughing a lot at his stories that meander between being the inspiration for Van Wilder thanks to an article in Rolling Stone to his stand-up years and becoming a married man and a father. What I didn't expect, however, was to have finished the book with actual tears in my eyes, blowing my nose into a Kleenex. I guess that's why I love the guy.
Some of his stories I'd heard before on podcasts and during his performance. Others were stories about the celebrities he's crossed paths with over the years. All of them, though, were were well written and engaging. I am anxious to loan this out to everyone after my husband uses it for potty reading. You've been warned.

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Christine said...

YAYYYY! I love a good book :)