Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201
August 2 - 200.8
August 9 - 200.8
August 16 - 199.8
August 23 - 201
August 31 - 201 (*Thursday edit: -23.4 lbs, 199.6 lbs!)

Happy to have just maintained this month minus that measly .2 I went up. Summer was a blast. Celebrating Casey's birthday was a blast. I didn't really do great on meal prep or moderation so this is where we are and I'm okay with it. Friday is my 1-year Fitbit Anniversary and  I've lost 22 pounds. 

Lifetime Steps: 3,807,982
That's 77,790 since last week which averages to 11,113 steps a day. Thursday I was short 2,678 steps because I had lunch with Husband in lieu of a lunchtime walk and spent the evening at Chuck E Cheese celebrating the boy so I didn't really have time to make it up at night. Missing a walk on a high activity day makes me an anxious mess. Note taken. Friday, however, I had a high step day at 16,507! Sunday I was short 4,120 steps but I don't really count that because I spent half the day running around without the Fitbit on and the other half of the day driving home. Plus we got to swim in the pool! I also earned a badge on August 14 that I wasn't even aware of.
Frame of Mind
Truth be told, not awesome. Work has been a bear. PMS is likely right now. Our home life has been hectic and I'm not used to it. Like the weekend away, company in town, birthdays and soccer all happened last week. I think today we go back to a somewhat quiet and normal routine. I am going to hide away from society on this upcoming holiday weekend and reset my gears. I need to get back on my meal planning and recommit to my walking because it has been a month since I've seen any real loss and that's no bueno.
Husband and I are on this fit journey and he has lost like 22 lbs since May and it really shows how much more committed he is than I am. I'd be lying if I said I didn't envy that. And yes I am aware that he had more to lose and men lose easier than women but still. I have ten pounds to go for my first goal and then another 30-40 after that. I need to remember to be gangster. My adorable niece told me that my belly sticks out in my bathing suit and my darling son told me I need to "hit the weights" so in case I was lacking motivation, there it is. Out of the mouths of babes.
But since I want to leave this on a high note, I will say this of being on my "#fitby40" and "#fitat40" adventure: my brother sent me this picture this morning and I love how thin Husband and I look and how happy I am in that moment, surrounded by my family. I may have a long way to go, but I have come a long way. And as always: CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP!


Weekend Pics

We went to Murrieta to hang with cousins, watch the fight and go to Sea World. Lots of photos here. Boy did we have a great time. I was so happy to be around the sea life and my family. 
 These kids were all raised by Mama Mia
 I was pretty brave getting on this thing. That's my family!
 Found out the walrus is my spirit animal. Ethan took this one.
 Sunrise. Not sure if you can see the hot air balloons (aka whimsy).
 Christa as Master Shredder
 My surfer girl and her skinny dad.
 Christa & Uncle Fuzzy Face
 Cookies and cream cookie, cookies and cream ice cream, rolled in oreos. YES!


Haiku Friday

Ten long years ago
Our first picture was taken
The first time we "met"
Long time email pals
Sharing secrets on our blogs
Meeting face to face
Don't think we knew then
We'd make ourselves a family
Til death do us part


Happy 7th Birthday Casey

My first born turns seven today. He keeps getting more and more handsome and when we take pictures together, it looks like he is adopted. Haha! Casey loves swapping the body parts of Lego Minifigures. He loves watching YouTube videos of people playing video games on his tablet. Recently, he's gotten into playing cards and board games with me. He insists on snuggles despite being almost as big as me. His favorite food is still pizza and he doesn't eat much other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or chicken nuggets. He is in the 2nd grade and works hard to do his homework well and be smart. He is very clumsy but working on it by doing exercises with dad and practicing soccer. He is kind and generous and appreciative. I love him so much. Happy birthday, Casey Douglas.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201
Up 1.2 since last week. Down 22 overall. My joy about being under 200 was fleeting. I have no one to blame but myself. I threw all caution to the wind in regards to eating over the last week. I didn't do the salads. This weekend I ate way too much food and drank way too many beers. I was really upset this morning but I think it has passed. I am managing to maintain this month and I guess that's what is important. I am frustrated, though, because I used to eat so much more and now I'm hungry and the scale isn't moving and sometimes I honestly feel like saying "f" it.
August 2 - 200.8
August 9 - 200.8
August 16 - 199.8

Lifetime Steps: 3,730,192
That's 81,283 since last week which averages out to 11,612 steps a day. I was 263 steps shy of 10K on Friday. I didn't get my lunch walk because I was home having my water softener repaired and then I had the kids and did grocery shopping and had date night with Husband. I could have done a lap around the block but didn't. It's that simple right? I could have done more.

Frame of Mind
Casey's school started last Wednesday so we have homework in the evenings again. He got off the soccer wait list on Friday and I spent all weekend trying to get his payment squared away because they had technical errors on their new registration. Monday things finally got cleared up but I got a text that morning that I had to go out that night and buy gear for practice starting Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Of course practice starts at 5 so I have to make arrangements to leave work early. Doesn't everyone work until 5? I don't get it. And we basically have every Saturday until November committed to games now so that will change our weekend dynamic.
Casey's birthday is tomorrow so tonight I need to figure out what treat he is going to bring to his classmates. I also think I need to leave work early tomorrow to pick him up and get homework done before practice followed by Chuck E Cheese (kill me now). I'm trying to make arrangements for a weekend away and am not sure I have Friday night covered. I dropped the ball and forgot to mail my niece's birthday card. I feel like I am more disorganized this year than ever before and it's making me kind of nervous and anxious and I don't love it. Thank God Christa isn't in any other program than daycare or I might just lose my mind.
So! That just means I need to recommit to my schedule. Get better about meal prep. Try harder to get those steps. Seriously consider a sober September. When I type this it sounds like I don't have a Husband to help me but his work schedule is just dumb plus he is working hard at getting his masters degree in his spare time. He walks Casey to school every morning and helps out after dinner a whole bunch. It's just a lot goes on while he's in the basement of a hospital in another city or buried in homework. I'm optimistic that his 2nd interview for a new job goes well on the 29th! He's first in the running. Hopefully his schedule will coincide with mine a little better than it has since Christa was born.
And that is my life in a nutshell. I realize I am too hard on myself. I know I need to work harder on saying no. It would be beneficial if I could lock myself into some "chill" mode. Hopefully having soccer commitments and summer being over will hit our reset button. We don't need to do all the things all the time. We can just sit at home. It is allowed. DEEP BREATH. EXHALE.


Weekend Pics

 Friday afternoon I worked from my porch to not get in the way of the cleaning ladies and had my water softener repaired and hung out with my hummingbird friends.
 Friday night date night with Husband at Institution with some Sequence.
 Camarillo Ranch House lookin' all spooky at night.
 Unexpected El Segundo Car Show
 My small friend Joz
 Me & My Hair Twin
 Sunday Sand Crabs
 There were so many and they were so big! 
 Casey's crack
Christa feeding me sand cakes


Haiku Friday

Saw a homeless man
But I didn't have any change
I did have an egg
Asked "Are you hungry?"
He said "Yes" so I gave him
My extra hard boiled
I wonder if he
Thought I gave him a raw egg
I can't help but laugh


Book Review

When Husband and I went to see Jim Breuer do stand-up at Levity Live in Oxnard, he said he'd take pictures after the show if we bought his book. He also said if we didn't want to buy the book, he'd take the money for the a picture and give you a free copy of his book. Always one for a meet and greet, we bought the book (which he signed) and took the picture. I just finished reading I'm Not High and I can honestly I'm not mad I paid twice the going rate for it. It also helps that I started listening to his podcast "The Metal In Me" and minutes into the first episode I listened to, he was singing Oxnard's praises.
The book itself is a collection of about twenty short stories. He talks about his childhood, breaking into stand-up, his time on SNL, being a movie star, falling in love and taking care of his elderly father. However, what I liked most, was his open and honest discussion of his spirituality. He spoke of the many times he felt God was giving him signs and making things happen around him. I'm not overly religious but I can relate to those feelings and it was refreshing to read someone who might be seen as just a goofball comedian talk about how a higher power might be involved and guiding your life. His chapter on Chris Farley's tragic end of life really moved me. This is the last of my two "stand up comedian" books but I'm glad I read them back to back. The world could use more funny and nice stories right now. I know I can.


Weigh In Wednesday

You see that there? 199.8! I'm under 200! I reached a goal! Down 23.2 lbs overall, 1 pound since last week. I am so happy about this. So happy. 9.8 lbs to go to reach my drivers license weight!

Lifetime Steps: 3,648,909
That's 79,794 since last week which averages out to be 11,399 steps a day. I was killing the steps during the week and this weekend I sort of lost my mojo. Saturday short 3,379; Sunday short 2,255; Yesterday short 1,984. Not sure I have many excuses for that. I did some swimming on Saturday. Sunday we went to the Zoo. Yesterday we went to the beach. Sometimes I prefer naps over walks. What can I say? On Monday, I did notice I was just shy a few and threw Christa in her stroller and we did a walk. She likes to go far and tell me to run. My wee coach.
Frame of Mind
I feel like I'm in a pretty good place. I mean, this bullshit with 45 and the white supremacists is really ruining things for me in a mental health aspect but life is good. I took half days on Monday and Tuesday to hang with the kids which was nice. I didn't do much in the way of meal prep this week for work lunches and I have been drinking too much lately. Husband and I had a good chat on Monday about getting back on the right track. I'm not going buck-wild right now but I'll commit to recommitting to my diet on Monday. I'm all set to get back to lunch walks today. Just trying to do my best.


Weekend Pics

 Friends came over for pizza on Friday night.
 Mama got a Christa makeover on Saturday morning.
 Seahorse Death Race
Before she turned purple. Where were you, sun?
 Sunday morning cuddle puddle.
 Zoo with Gaga. Pictures on Flickr, too.
Long naps. Chill weekend. 


Haiku Friday

We have zero plans
Nowhere to go or to be
What a great feeling!
If the weather's nice
Maybe the beach or the pool
Just a goal to chill
No more summer camp
Back to boring routine land
That's my favorite place


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 200.8
No gain or loss which is pretty awesome considering I am on my period and it is the day after the fair where I ate my fair share of sugary fried things, washed down with some icy brews. Down 22.2 overall. I have not been trying very hard in regards to dieting or cutting back my drinking this summer. School starts next Wednesday and I feel like that will get me back in the mode. Right now, our weeks are full of fun activities and going out too much so I'm happy to just maintain.

Lifetime Steps: 3,569,115
95,671 since last week so 13,667 per day average. This is more like it. Yesterday at the fair I chalked up a big ol' 16,787 steps. I exceeded my 10k step daily goal every day since last Wednesday and that is what I'm talking about.

Measurements: (again, unsure about this but glad to see down overall)
Bust 41 (November was 44 so down 3")
Waist 36 (November was 39 so down 3")
Hips 43 (November was 45 so down 2")
Thigh 25 (November was 27 so down 2")
Arm 14 (November was 14 so maintain)

Frame of Mind
I'm excited about some before and after action.  We went to the fair and just looking at the comparison between last year's picture and this year, I can see such a difference in our faces. I compared a picture from September when I got the Fitbit and I just can't believe how my body has changed. I have forty to fifty pounds to lose if I want to be in a "normal" weight range so I need to keep remembering how easy it is to gain this weight back and how hard it is to lose it.
Otherwise, things are good. It's been a very fun summer. I can't complain. I just hope that we don't have a nuclear holocaust on our hands like the news makes it sound like. That would be a huge bummer.


Weekend Pics

 Saturday morning stretch sesh.
 Nice little yard sale find. She screamed a scream I'd not heard before.
 The neighbor dog was watching us make s'mores.
So the kids and I took selfies 
 We're pretty.
 Sunday morning re-commitment to walking.
 Baking with sister.
 Casey chilling in his new chair from Miss Deanna
Christa chilling, too.

On Saturday morning, Husband and I helped a friend move for like 4 hours. We did all the heavy lifting and it really took a toll on me. I chilled super hard for the rest of the weekend, finally. I committed to leisure and it was worth it 100%. Today I was trying to commit to fitness and losing weight and being good but I'm on my period and eating cookies for breakfast instead. Hope I can turn it around.