Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
No change since last week. That's probably because I'm not trying very hard. It seems silly to say this but after swim lessons, I'm starving and I'm tired and I don't feel much like being good. Last week we made it Monday/Tuesday without drinking. This week so far, only Monday. I think the fact that we keep trying is success in itself.

Lifetime Steps: 3,401,649
82,299 since last week which averages to 11,757 steps a day. I did not hit my goal on Saturday, short 1,312 steps. I opted for a nap in lieu of a walk that day since at 5:30 in the morning I awoke to the privilege of cleaning up Casey's barf. Good times. My steps have decreased and it is likely due to the time in the pool. I don't mind it. I am considering ditching the Fitbit on September 1 since that will be the year anniversary. Maybe I will join a gym and go there during lunch instead.

Frame of Mind
I laughingly told myself we'd take it easy in July but so far that has not been the case. This is our last week of swim class and while I like it, I'll be glad to going back to the "no plans after work" schedule I am used to. It's been very nice having Husband making dinner but I miss it, too. I guess you don't know what you like until you're not doing it any more.
I want to take a moment to just once again mention how disgusted I am with the current presidency. I am vehemently against his hateful rhetoric. I am disgusted by the enablers. I can't fathom how this shit show has continued well beyond its welcome. I am disappointed that nothing has been done to stop this. I fear the world we live in where any of this is even remotely acceptable or encouraged. It has made me loathe his supporters and I don't like loathing anyone. Exhausting.

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