Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
Down .2 since last week, 21.6 overall. This is nice because I'm actively trying. We didn't drink two days last week and we've made it two days this week so far. I forgot to buy my cereal this week so I've been eating more fruits instead of those carbs. Maybe that helps. I've also removed ice cream from my home because I can't stop myself from indulging at night. Two nights in a row no drinking and no after dinner snacks. Sucks but it works. My short term goal is to get under 200 by August 1. Next long term goal will be to get to 190.
March vs July, Difference of 10 lbs.

Lifetime Steps: 3,319,350
That's 58,454 since last week which averages to 8,351/day. Disclaimer: I did not wear my fitbit at all for one second on Saturday or Sunday. I made a conscious decision to take a break because we were driving to and from Murrieta and I knew we'd be in the pool. Monday I did not hit my steps because I took my work husband to lunch for his birthday in lieu of walking and my evening - where I would have played catch up - was full of swim class and lunch prep for the week. Yesterday I walked again at lunch, with purpose, and I went to bed sore. Moral of that story? Breaks sometimes maybe do more harm than good.

Frame of Mind
I could go super negative here and admit dieting plus no weekend drinking equals "sucks" but I'll try and keep it positive. I am excited to have added swimming to our evening routine because it means I'm adding a different kind of physical activity to my life. I'm hopeful that when these classes end I can add another aspect of exercise to my daily routine like yoga or weights. Last week I walked with my coworker and it made me very appreciative of the solitude of my lunchtime walks. That is my time where I can zone out and set my own pace and it rules. It makes such a huge difference to my day.
In regards to my daily life, things are pretty good. Work has been mellow. Husband took an earlier shift while I'm taking the kids to swim class so he's been making dinner that is basically ready when I get home and that makes me feel very spoiled and taken care of. A nice respite. I'm stoked because I got our Mickey's Halloween Party tickets so I'll have something to be super excited about until September 25. Lately people outside of my tight wee circle want to make plans with me so that's awesome but also challenging because the older I get the more I realize I'm sort of a weirdo isolation lady that only wants to hang out with her spouse. Summer has been good so far. Can't believe it will be over in 4 weeks!

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