Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.6
Down a pound since last week, 21.4 overall. Yesterday was the last day of my period. The 4th of July is really to credit for this loss. I didn't drink Wednesday or Thursday last week or Monday or Tuesday this week. On Sunday I had a total of two beers which is great compared to what I usually drink on the weekend. I'm trying not to snack after dinner and am trying to eat less carbs but more fruits and veggies. I really meant it when I said "back on the wagon."
Funny side note, I got a comment here the other day saying I weighed the same as the gorgeous Ashley Graham so naturally I went and looked up her stats. I'm about an inch and a half shorter than she is but her measurements are 42D-30-46 where as mine are 40C-37-42.5. Just a bit different! Must be why I'm not on the cover of Sports Illustrated... yeah, that's it.

Measurements July vs June (forgot to do this last week when I was hung over)
Bust 40 vs 39.5 (November was 44 so down 4")
Waist 37 vs 36 (November was 39 so down 2")
Hips 42.5 vs 42 (November was 45 so down 2.5")
Thigh 24 vs 24.5 (November was 27 so down 3")
Arm 14 vs 13 (November was 14 so maintain?)
Honestly I can't quite figure out the measurements, mostly because I use a metal tape-measure and measure myself so they keep fluctuating. However, I was in an 18 pants and now I'm at a 14, Was a 1X/2X top and now in XL. Below is my heaviest versus this morning in my oh-so-flattering, tucked-in, white cami.

Lifetime Steps: 3,260,896
That's 80,337 since last week which averages to 11.477 steps a day. I really tried to be a gangster about hitting my goal but I didn't make it on Monday, short by 2,127 steps. Instead I spent the evening meal prepping our lunches for the week, cooking a Blue Apron, doing laundry and cleaning the disaster that was the children's play room (which actually worked up quite a sweat).

Frame of Mind
I can really tell the difference as far as my anxiety goes when I haven't had my walk. On Monday, my OCD was on fire like I had too much energy to burn. I had this insatiable desire to get things in order and to tidy and I could not rest until everything was where I needed it to be. Usually I'll just throw Christa in the stroller and we'll get those last steps but I just didn't have it in me. I felt tired and aggravated. Next time, I will make the time. I can't let my mental-health shortcomings define me.
My main source of stress is this BS with our government and seeing the people that will continue to blindly defend the fall of our democracy and the destruction of our great nation. I can't understand putting your party or your president before your country. It upsets me beyond measure. I took off almost every news source on Facebook and that helps. When I want to know what's going on, I generally turn to Twitter because I'm less tempted to look at comments there. I've also started a "Happiness is" project for the month of July on Instagram where I'm trying to put a picture a day of things that make me happy. Seems to help.
In our daily life, things are really good. Casey's thriving in summer camp. Christa loves preschool. Husband is back in his Masters program and working hard at the hospital all the time. We're doing a good job laying low and getting our finances back in order. I love my job. Drinking less can only be good but it's a hard habit to break. I'm lucky Husband is on board with all this. It's awesome to see him trimming down right alongside me but I will admit sometimes I miss the big guy that he was when I met him. Silly but true.

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Christine said...

You rock, chica! I'm so proud of you! xoxox