Swim Lessons

Even though the kids have had lots of experience in the pool between cousins and Gaga having one, I decided to sign them up for actual swim lessons this summer. Casey can swim, just not well. He goes to the same Oxnard High School pool once a week with camp as our lessons are held. I'd like for him to learn how to float and be more confident in the water. He does this thing where he bounces on the floor of the pool and it makes people think he's drowning. Christa usually uses a little chest/arm floatie device. She has the idea down but can't float or swim unassisted when that vest isn't on.
I get to take "Baby & Me" lessons with her but Casey is in his own class. He may advance today because yesterday he did most things independently, as I suspected he would. As for Christa, she is such a confident, fearless, good listener, the coach used her as the example. She practiced floating on her back, opening her eyes under water, kicking on a paddle board... pretty basic. She does not dig the fact that I have to hold her; she'd rather play on her own. We get to do this Monday through Friday from 5-5:45 for two weeks. I can't wait to see the results!

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