Spider-Man: Homecoming

Once again, the Fridays had an action packed weekend full of friends and swimming and outdoorsiness. Because I am a huge fan of Spider-Man, I managed to squeeze us into a 5pm show on Discount Day Sunday so I wouldn't miss out on opening weekend. This was the first time I have taken the kids to a show other than the very first one and I'm not sure I timed it right but it seemed to work out okay. Homecoming is the umpteenth reboot of this franchise but I confess, I will go to every single one from now til infinity. I don't know what it is about a Spider-Man movie but they make me feel like a kid again. As "bad" as the others have been, I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The same goes for this one! Only it wasn't bad, it was great. 
Peter Parker actually looks and sounds like a teenager in this one despite the actor being in his twenties. We met him already in Captain America: Civil War and the opening sequence has a very cool hand-held flashback to that movie. And because we have to tie all these Marvel/Avengers movies together, there is a very heavy Iron Man presence here which absolutely delighted me. Michael Keaton plays such a great bad guy named Vulture. He was working on the cleanup crew from Avengers destruction when Tony Stark's company basically takes his job away from him. This gives him quite a chip on his shoulder, so he steals this super powerful alien stuff to make high grade weapons that he sells on the black market. Since Spider-Man is an Avenger-in-training, he goes after him and that's how all that ties together.
There is a lot of high school stuff worked in here that I found really fun. Peter's buddy Ned is a scene stealing cutie who I just loved. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of action. I get so scared of the fight scenes and so tickled by Spider-Man shooting webs and flying through the air. The kids positively loved it despite it being a bit long (a 2 hour, 13 minute running time). As we left the theater, Christa told me that not only is Batman her boyfriend, but now Spider-man is, too. The girl takes after her mama. A positively perfect summer blockbuster. Gaga, Husband, the kids and I all agreed.

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