Santa Barbara Fun Day

 Sis & I wore our matching animal print sneakers to the zoo 
to which she exclaimed, "We match! Just like girls!"
 I love the zoo, guys.
 The kids love sliding down the ant hill on cardboard.
 "I'm a lady" - Casey
 No shit this angry ass gorilla slapped the plexiglass in Husband's face. It was terrifying. 
Christa turned and ran and fell on her face. Everyone sort of screamed. WOW
 Then he told us what he thought of us as if that tantrum didn't speak volumes.
 Casey made it half way up the rock wall. Not bad for a first try!
 She matched the flamingos. Got herself a fennec fox, her favorite.
 Stopped in Carpinteria to eat at The Spot without knowing it was a huge parade day.
 This barking ride cruised past and filled us all with glee.
 I ate a goddamn delicious pastrami dog.
Then we saw this beautiful car in the impromptu car show.
Mama likey and mama want.

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