Despicable Me 3

Another kids movie under our belt and our second "threquel" in as many weeks! Gaga and I took the kiddos to see Despicable Me 3 this past weekend when my niece and nephew were up visiting. Fun fact about Gaga? She loves minions. Fun fact about kids? They'll watch just about anything as long as they are plied with sugary drinks, candy and popcorn.
I'm such a huge fan of the voice talent that contributes to this franchise but this movie just didn't do it for me. In this installment, the voice of Cartman plays an 80s child star whose puberty ruined his career. He takes on the alter ego of the character he played on his hit TV show and turns to a life of villainy while trapped in the decade of decadence. Gru finds out he has a long lost twin brother Dru. Lucy is trying to learn how to be a mom to her three new stepdaughters. And the minions? Well they just want to be bad.
There were moments of fun, mainly brought by the nostalgia that came along with bad guy Balthazar Bratt, but overall this movie felt tired and forced. The kids told me they liked it but I didn't exactly see that they were rolling in their seats laughing. I'm a huge fan of cartoon movies but I could have absolutely waited for  this to come to Netflix. Three movies (four if you count the stand alone Minions movie that also has a sequel in the works) may just be too much for ol' Gru. And for grumpy ol' Randi. 

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