Weekend Pics

 Skippin' into the weekend like...
 Took a minimum day on Friday to see the doctor for my ringworm. 
That meant Chick-fil-A for the kids. They love that place.
 Then we had Toppers for dinner and this mess had a crazy outfit on.
 Saturday was the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History because we had a free pass.
Pictures are on Flickr.
Then we tried a new brewery called Captain Fatty's and it was great. 

I haven't taken a walk since Thursday and that is not great. I rested a lot. I didn't watch what I was eating or drinking. I want my cleaning lady back. Sunday was spent back-to-school shopping. It was a fine, uneventful weekend.


Haiku Friday

I didn't say much
But I sure have been afraid
I think it has passed
We're too young for this
To worry about cancer
Being sick at all
But here we are and
We are stronger for it right?
This too shall pass. Sigh


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
No change since last week. That's probably because I'm not trying very hard. It seems silly to say this but after swim lessons, I'm starving and I'm tired and I don't feel much like being good. Last week we made it Monday/Tuesday without drinking. This week so far, only Monday. I think the fact that we keep trying is success in itself.

Lifetime Steps: 3,401,649
82,299 since last week which averages to 11,757 steps a day. I did not hit my goal on Saturday, short 1,312 steps. I opted for a nap in lieu of a walk that day since at 5:30 in the morning I awoke to the privilege of cleaning up Casey's barf. Good times. My steps have decreased and it is likely due to the time in the pool. I don't mind it. I am considering ditching the Fitbit on September 1 since that will be the year anniversary. Maybe I will join a gym and go there during lunch instead.

Frame of Mind
I laughingly told myself we'd take it easy in July but so far that has not been the case. This is our last week of swim class and while I like it, I'll be glad to going back to the "no plans after work" schedule I am used to. It's been very nice having Husband making dinner but I miss it, too. I guess you don't know what you like until you're not doing it any more.
I want to take a moment to just once again mention how disgusted I am with the current presidency. I am vehemently against his hateful rhetoric. I am disgusted by the enablers. I can't fathom how this shit show has continued well beyond its welcome. I am disappointed that nothing has been done to stop this. I fear the world we live in where any of this is even remotely acceptable or encouraged. It has made me loathe his supporters and I don't like loathing anyone. Exhausting.


Transformation Tuesday

Husband and I have been on this weight loss journey together and today he sent me the picture in the scrubs with the text "Crazy that I used to not even be able to tie these pants." What a difference nine years makes! That picture in the plaid shorts was taken in April of 2008, right after we said "I love you" for the first time. He really is my inspiration and I'm glad we are in this together. My sexy man.


Weekend Pics

 Kids and tablets make for nice dinners.
 Evening at the Harbor after a super fun dinner with friends from out of town.
 Saturday night we saw Jim Breuer at Levity Live.
 Then we bought his book at the merch table. 
He signed it for us and did the goat and took a selfie. 
 Gaga babysat the kids and sent me this silliness.
 Sunday was the Pasadena Kidspace Children's Museum.
Lots of fun photos on Flickr. Highly recommend.
 Lisa cruised the museum with us then we had a yummy lunch. I heart Blog Friends.
 Christa with her ice cream and souvenir.
And Casey with his. Did I mention the Pasadena heat? Yikes.


Haiku Friday

Not a great morning
Crazy lady blocking the
Drive thru ATM
Got cut off and had
My gas pump taken from me
Cuss words were spoken
Then the pump shot out
And landed right on my toe
Splashing me with gas


Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
Down .2 since last week, 21.6 overall. This is nice because I'm actively trying. We didn't drink two days last week and we've made it two days this week so far. I forgot to buy my cereal this week so I've been eating more fruits instead of those carbs. Maybe that helps. I've also removed ice cream from my home because I can't stop myself from indulging at night. Two nights in a row no drinking and no after dinner snacks. Sucks but it works. My short term goal is to get under 200 by August 1. Next long term goal will be to get to 190.
March vs July, Difference of 10 lbs.

Lifetime Steps: 3,319,350
That's 58,454 since last week which averages to 8,351/day. Disclaimer: I did not wear my fitbit at all for one second on Saturday or Sunday. I made a conscious decision to take a break because we were driving to and from Murrieta and I knew we'd be in the pool. Monday I did not hit my steps because I took my work husband to lunch for his birthday in lieu of walking and my evening - where I would have played catch up - was full of swim class and lunch prep for the week. Yesterday I walked again at lunch, with purpose, and I went to bed sore. Moral of that story? Breaks sometimes maybe do more harm than good.

Frame of Mind
I could go super negative here and admit dieting plus no weekend drinking equals "sucks" but I'll try and keep it positive. I am excited to have added swimming to our evening routine because it means I'm adding a different kind of physical activity to my life. I'm hopeful that when these classes end I can add another aspect of exercise to my daily routine like yoga or weights. Last week I walked with my coworker and it made me very appreciative of the solitude of my lunchtime walks. That is my time where I can zone out and set my own pace and it rules. It makes such a huge difference to my day.
In regards to my daily life, things are pretty good. Work has been mellow. Husband took an earlier shift while I'm taking the kids to swim class so he's been making dinner that is basically ready when I get home and that makes me feel very spoiled and taken care of. A nice respite. I'm stoked because I got our Mickey's Halloween Party tickets so I'll have something to be super excited about until September 25. Lately people outside of my tight wee circle want to make plans with me so that's awesome but also challenging because the older I get the more I realize I'm sort of a weirdo isolation lady that only wants to hang out with her spouse. Summer has been good so far. Can't believe it will be over in 4 weeks!


Swim Lessons

Even though the kids have had lots of experience in the pool between cousins and Gaga having one, I decided to sign them up for actual swim lessons this summer. Casey can swim, just not well. He goes to the same Oxnard High School pool once a week with camp as our lessons are held. I'd like for him to learn how to float and be more confident in the water. He does this thing where he bounces on the floor of the pool and it makes people think he's drowning. Christa usually uses a little chest/arm floatie device. She has the idea down but can't float or swim unassisted when that vest isn't on.
I get to take "Baby & Me" lessons with her but Casey is in his own class. He may advance today because yesterday he did most things independently, as I suspected he would. As for Christa, she is such a confident, fearless, good listener, the coach used her as the example. She practiced floating on her back, opening her eyes under water, kicking on a paddle board... pretty basic. She does not dig the fact that I have to hold her; she'd rather play on her own. We get to do this Monday through Friday from 5-5:45 for two weeks. I can't wait to see the results!


Weekend Pics

 On Friday night, Christa did this all herself!
 Saturday morning the kids and I took ourselves on a road trip.
 Lunch with the Fam Bam 
 Boy was it hot. We swam a lot on Saturday.
 Gelato for diner? You bet.
 Breakfast Beauty


Haiku Friday

Friday already
This week really went quickly
As they tend to do
Leaving tomorrow
To hot ass Murrieta
For some cousin time
Last weeks of July
Will be busy with swim class
For the kids... and me


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.6
Down a pound since last week, 21.4 overall. Yesterday was the last day of my period. The 4th of July is really to credit for this loss. I didn't drink Wednesday or Thursday last week or Monday or Tuesday this week. On Sunday I had a total of two beers which is great compared to what I usually drink on the weekend. I'm trying not to snack after dinner and am trying to eat less carbs but more fruits and veggies. I really meant it when I said "back on the wagon."
Funny side note, I got a comment here the other day saying I weighed the same as the gorgeous Ashley Graham so naturally I went and looked up her stats. I'm about an inch and a half shorter than she is but her measurements are 42D-30-46 where as mine are 40C-37-42.5. Just a bit different! Must be why I'm not on the cover of Sports Illustrated... yeah, that's it.

Measurements July vs June (forgot to do this last week when I was hung over)
Bust 40 vs 39.5 (November was 44 so down 4")
Waist 37 vs 36 (November was 39 so down 2")
Hips 42.5 vs 42 (November was 45 so down 2.5")
Thigh 24 vs 24.5 (November was 27 so down 3")
Arm 14 vs 13 (November was 14 so maintain?)
Honestly I can't quite figure out the measurements, mostly because I use a metal tape-measure and measure myself so they keep fluctuating. However, I was in an 18 pants and now I'm at a 14, Was a 1X/2X top and now in XL. Below is my heaviest versus this morning in my oh-so-flattering, tucked-in, white cami.

Lifetime Steps: 3,260,896
That's 80,337 since last week which averages to 11.477 steps a day. I really tried to be a gangster about hitting my goal but I didn't make it on Monday, short by 2,127 steps. Instead I spent the evening meal prepping our lunches for the week, cooking a Blue Apron, doing laundry and cleaning the disaster that was the children's play room (which actually worked up quite a sweat).

Frame of Mind
I can really tell the difference as far as my anxiety goes when I haven't had my walk. On Monday, my OCD was on fire like I had too much energy to burn. I had this insatiable desire to get things in order and to tidy and I could not rest until everything was where I needed it to be. Usually I'll just throw Christa in the stroller and we'll get those last steps but I just didn't have it in me. I felt tired and aggravated. Next time, I will make the time. I can't let my mental-health shortcomings define me.
My main source of stress is this BS with our government and seeing the people that will continue to blindly defend the fall of our democracy and the destruction of our great nation. I can't understand putting your party or your president before your country. It upsets me beyond measure. I took off almost every news source on Facebook and that helps. When I want to know what's going on, I generally turn to Twitter because I'm less tempted to look at comments there. I've also started a "Happiness is" project for the month of July on Instagram where I'm trying to put a picture a day of things that make me happy. Seems to help.
In our daily life, things are really good. Casey's thriving in summer camp. Christa loves preschool. Husband is back in his Masters program and working hard at the hospital all the time. We're doing a good job laying low and getting our finances back in order. I love my job. Drinking less can only be good but it's a hard habit to break. I'm lucky Husband is on board with all this. It's awesome to see him trimming down right alongside me but I will admit sometimes I miss the big guy that he was when I met him. Silly but true.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Once again, the Fridays had an action packed weekend full of friends and swimming and outdoorsiness. Because I am a huge fan of Spider-Man, I managed to squeeze us into a 5pm show on Discount Day Sunday so I wouldn't miss out on opening weekend. This was the first time I have taken the kids to a show other than the very first one and I'm not sure I timed it right but it seemed to work out okay. Homecoming is the umpteenth reboot of this franchise but I confess, I will go to every single one from now til infinity. I don't know what it is about a Spider-Man movie but they make me feel like a kid again. As "bad" as the others have been, I have enjoyed the heck out of them. The same goes for this one! Only it wasn't bad, it was great. 
Peter Parker actually looks and sounds like a teenager in this one despite the actor being in his twenties. We met him already in Captain America: Civil War and the opening sequence has a very cool hand-held flashback to that movie. And because we have to tie all these Marvel/Avengers movies together, there is a very heavy Iron Man presence here which absolutely delighted me. Michael Keaton plays such a great bad guy named Vulture. He was working on the cleanup crew from Avengers destruction when Tony Stark's company basically takes his job away from him. This gives him quite a chip on his shoulder, so he steals this super powerful alien stuff to make high grade weapons that he sells on the black market. Since Spider-Man is an Avenger-in-training, he goes after him and that's how all that ties together.
There is a lot of high school stuff worked in here that I found really fun. Peter's buddy Ned is a scene stealing cutie who I just loved. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of action. I get so scared of the fight scenes and so tickled by Spider-Man shooting webs and flying through the air. The kids positively loved it despite it being a bit long (a 2 hour, 13 minute running time). As we left the theater, Christa told me that not only is Batman her boyfriend, but now Spider-man is, too. The girl takes after her mama. A positively perfect summer blockbuster. Gaga, Husband, the kids and I all agreed.


Hot Weekend Pics

 Pool day! We snacked and I guess Daddy was in the pool.
 Jello Jigglers
 Not sure what's going on here.

 New jammies that had to be worn immediately.
 I took one like this a year ago and it still makes me happy.
Dancing in a morning rain shower.


Holiday Reflection Haiku Friday

Holiday burn out
The 4th took a toll on me
But boy was it fun
Ate and drank too much
Most of the day spent outdoors
With friends and family
Grateful for our life
Still a proud American
Despite Forty-Five


Despicable Me 3

Another kids movie under our belt and our second "threquel" in as many weeks! Gaga and I took the kiddos to see Despicable Me 3 this past weekend when my niece and nephew were up visiting. Fun fact about Gaga? She loves minions. Fun fact about kids? They'll watch just about anything as long as they are plied with sugary drinks, candy and popcorn.
I'm such a huge fan of the voice talent that contributes to this franchise but this movie just didn't do it for me. In this installment, the voice of Cartman plays an 80s child star whose puberty ruined his career. He takes on the alter ego of the character he played on his hit TV show and turns to a life of villainy while trapped in the decade of decadence. Gru finds out he has a long lost twin brother Dru. Lucy is trying to learn how to be a mom to her three new stepdaughters. And the minions? Well they just want to be bad.
There were moments of fun, mainly brought by the nostalgia that came along with bad guy Balthazar Bratt, but overall this movie felt tired and forced. The kids told me they liked it but I didn't exactly see that they were rolling in their seats laughing. I'm a huge fan of cartoon movies but I could have absolutely waited for  this to come to Netflix. Three movies (four if you count the stand alone Minions movie that also has a sequel in the works) may just be too much for ol' Gru. And for grumpy ol' Randi. 


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 202.6
Down .4 since last week, 20.4 overall. Know what is not a great idea? A weigh in after America's birthday. As if being hungover after waking up at 2 a.m. because you're drenched in sweat and your body has turned on you isn't bad enough, my period arrived today. Talk about adding insult to injury. Maybe I can blame some of last week's gain to bloating. Lucky me.

Lifetime Steps: 3,180,559
86,220 since last week which averages to 12,317 steps a day. Sunday I was short 1933 steps. I took the kids to the movies and then took a nap and really kind of just lounged around the house because I was sort of sore and basically over it. Monday I was short 482 steps. I did not walk because I had half day to play with the kids and again, just didn't feel like it. PMS? You bet. Thank God BFF asked me to go for a walk yesterday otherwise I have no idea how much of a worse off state I would be in today.
(our old stomping grounds)
Frame of Mind
Thought it's not exactly showing on the scale or in the way my clothes fit, I really feel like I have fallen off the wagon lately. Not all the way, mind you, but quite a bit. I have not been as committed to not drinking during the week. I have been eating ice cream after dinner a lot lately for really no reason other than gluttony. Missing 10,000 steps a day has become somewhat acceptable to me. Waking up with my disgusting hangover and a disturbing sense of shame today has really given me the motivation I need to get back on the ol' horse so to speak.
Despite not wanting to get out of bed this morning, I did and I made our salads for the last three days of the week. My walking stuff is here at the office with me and despite it "feeling like" it's 77 degrees outside without a cloud in the sky, I will walk. I am 12 pounds away from my "big goal" of weighing my drivers licence weight. I'm like 3 pounds away from being under 200 pounds. This nonchalance and apathy is not becoming. If I can just commit - which I will - I'd like to end the year weighing maybe another 20 pounds less than I do now. I have six months to get my shit together and will accept any and all shaming and/or encouragement you have for me. BOOM.


Santa Barbara Fun Day

 Sis & I wore our matching animal print sneakers to the zoo 
to which she exclaimed, "We match! Just like girls!"
 I love the zoo, guys.
 The kids love sliding down the ant hill on cardboard.
 "I'm a lady" - Casey
 No shit this angry ass gorilla slapped the plexiglass in Husband's face. It was terrifying. 
Christa turned and ran and fell on her face. Everyone sort of screamed. WOW
 Then he told us what he thought of us as if that tantrum didn't speak volumes.
 Casey made it half way up the rock wall. Not bad for a first try!
 She matched the flamingos. Got herself a fennec fox, her favorite.
 Stopped in Carpinteria to eat at The Spot without knowing it was a huge parade day.
 This barking ride cruised past and filled us all with glee.
 I ate a goddamn delicious pastrami dog.
Then we saw this beautiful car in the impromptu car show.
Mama likey and mama want.