Wonder Woman

On Friday afternoon, Gaga and I took the kids to see Wonder Woman to celebrate the last day of school. I will probably be lynched by feminists by saying this, but this wasn't a movie I was really rushing out to see. In the DC world, Batman is my main man but I'm more of a Marvel gal. However, I know the importance of this being a female leading a superhero movie and I was stoked to expose the kids. Plus, my mom is deeply in love with Chris Pine so everyone was a winner that day.
I know this shouldn't be what I lead with but ohmyg is Gal Gadot the most beautiful woman on earth? Her features were captivating and mesmerizing and she had me entranced from the jump. I loved the way Wonder Woman started with Diana as a wee lass. Greek mythology has always been so interesting to me because when I was in elementary school, my enrichment reading teacher made it a point to really immerse us in the gods and goddesses. Ask Husband! I kill on Jeopardy! It was so kick ass to see all those bad ass Amazons training for battle like bosses. Very cool.
The movie itself may have not exactly been great for the kids but they really liked all her fighting with the sword and lasso. The World War II backstory was a bit dark and hard for them to really understand, same with Captain America. It upset them to see the death and destruction but the reality is this is our history and our world. I don't think it's bad for them to be exposed to all of that, it just isn't an easy thing to sit through in the movie theater. Chris Pine's character was so brave and charismatic. The side characters were all so entertaining. My mom and I sobbed through the ending but I also got crazy choked up with pride and awe watching Diana bravely cross a battle field. Empowerment, indeed. So now I will insist that if you are a female, see this movie. Males, sure. But women? I insist.

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Andrea King said...

I expected to enjoy the movie but I did not expect to leave there thinking "Man...Batman...you are just not the only superhero I need in my life!" I did not expect to be openly crying with pride when she crossed that battlefield. But there I was. Openly crying with pride.

Women...get thee to Wonder Woman and be enthralled!