Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 203
Up .6 since last week, down 20 overall. Not exactly thrilled with this because I feel totally stuck but not exactly surprised. Really trying not to be defined by my weight. I'm feeling much more fit since this time last year and I just need to keep on keeping on.

Lifetime Steps: 3,094,339
That's 85,402 since last week, averaging 12,200 steps a day. On Friday I was short 2,114 steps because I missed my lunch walk in order to get Christa from school and take naps together. On Sunday I was short 488 steps because I was in LA and didn't walk and didn't care. I had cleaned the house in the morning and then spent like 3 hours in the car so I wasn't exactly motivated to get there at the end of a long day. However, I more than made up for that on Monday when I hit 17,400 steps in one day. That's an all-time best for me. I guess navigating the Hollywood Bowl is quite a workout. That and dancing my butt off to Queen.
Frame of Mind
Where do I even start? It has been quite warm around these parts lately and that stinks for me because I am a fragile flower that wilts in the heat. I have not been doing well with the not drinking during the week thing. I may have made it 2 days last week. This week, no such luck thus far and the future doesn't look great. I am looking at the calendar and thinking July would be a fine time to reboot the ol' fitness/diet program. That is a solid six months to close out 2017 strong and maybe check in with the doctor in January to see if my numbers have improved.
Every few months I have to lay the hammer down on the family because I start feeling overworked and underappreciated. Kind of had to lose my shit yesterday so I have a bad feeling sort of hangover today. I need to delegate better and stop spoiling my spouse and children so much so they can chip in a little more. This has a lot to do with me being sort of OCD and wanting things done a certain way so I will need to meditate on that for a bit.
Things have just been so busy lately and I really want to slow down and refocus. I'm trying to put us on house arrest for July and August. Help get our budget back on track and also just kind of chill out. I keep saying that and we keep going out. We're YOLO all over the place. Cooking at home seems to help. I'm looking forward to more beach and pool time this summer. I believe we can do this.

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