Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 202.4
Up .8 since last week. These fluctuations don't even bother me anymore. I see the scale shift sometimes three pounds during the week. Still down 20.6 lbs overall. I'd like to see that number go down but it would mean a lot more restraint and a lot more effort and I'm not sure I have it in me. I like the accountability of this weekly check-in. I feel like my own private Weight Watchers. The Fit-bit challenges are also keeping me motivated, even if I'm not super fired up like I was.

Lifetime Steps: 3,008,937
That's 81,488 since last week which averages out to 11,641 steps a day. Best day was Saturday June 17 with 15,320 steps. I was short 3,469 steps yesterday because I was invited to a Rotary Club lunch by my neighbor so I didn't get my lunch walk in. I'd had every intention of walking last night but my knees were sore and I just wanted to sit down. I think it was due to the steep inclines and descents of the hike on Father's Day that I'm not quite used to. It's hikes like those that really make me appreciate that 20 pounds I lost. Nothing wrong with one "rest day" a week.

Frame of Mind
I'm getting over a doozy of a head cold so maybe that's why I'm not really feeling this whole dieting/fitness thing right now. Casey started camp on Monday and when I went to pick him up I had to sign a form acknowledging he was not listening, was not keeping his hands to himself, and standing up on the moving bus. If that behavior continues, he could be suspended or expelled. He had such a great school year with awards for accelerated reading and Student of the Month and then that happened and it sort of made me feel disappointed and sad. It's the first time he has had to be grounded and I know it's not the last. He seems to be turning it around so maybe it was just the excitement of summer but yeah, it took a toll on me and made me feel like a failure as a mom.
On the flip side, Christa started preschool and she is loving it. No tears and tons of enthusiasm. I'm very excited to see her start her journey of being a big kid. Work is great but very slow so it's rough during the summer trying to pass the time. I should be filling that time with something other than social media and the news but I haven't quite gotten there yet. We're on week three of Blue Apron and I am really enjoying cooking the meals that are quite tasty and definitely not meals I'd make otherwise. The drinking during the week thing seems to be the big challenge. I made it M,T,W last week and I'm two days down this week. Husband is pretty gangster about this stuff and is talking about limiting our "cheat days" to one night a week and I just kind of miss being chubby and drunk with him sometimes but obviously this is much better.


Andrea King said...

He acted up once and you feel like a failure of a Mom?! We've switched places. We need to find a way to both be even steven. And to stop putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on ourselves for 100% perfection. xo

Christine said...

Your kid is awesome. Sometimes they act up - not at all a reflection of you (also, how ridic to sign a form - way to mom-shame, summer camp!)