Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.6
That is down 2.2 lbs since last week and 21.4 overall. My period just ended and I just want to give a big "F You" to bloating and PMS. I'm 65% on my way to being back at my drivers licence weight of 190 from when I started. I'm so dang close to being under 200. Feels real nice. My sister-in-law even commented on how I looked good and that is really saying something.

Lifetime Steps: 2,927,449
That's 75,426 since last week which averages to 10,775 steps a day. I did not wear my fitbit much on Sunday because we spent all day in the pool and it was a perfectly wonderful rest day spent in my brother's backyard that I don't regret one bit. We also drove all over Southern California this weekend so there's that. On Monday I was shy 1,988 steps but I had gone grocery shopping during my lunch hour and had to spend the evening meal prepping our lunches and making dinner and doing all the tidying and laundry I usually spend the weekend doing so I couldn't muster a walk. I had a picnic with Casey yesterday during lunch that negated my walk time and felt like blowing off another day of walking but I didn't! After dinner I threw Christa in her stroller and we did my big neighborhood lap for almost an hour and I hit those steps like a boss. Can't stop, won't stop!

Frame of Mind
Without a doubt, last week was not a good one overall. I can blame some of that on my period, I suppose. We've also had very little downtime and our regularly scheduled programming has been severely interrupted lately. With Casey starting camp and Christa starting preschool, our budget will be very tight so I'm optimistic July and August will be good months to lay real low. Beaches and pools and parks and hikes and free activities. Jot that down.
Sunday on the long drive home, while the kids were passed out in the back seat, Husband and I had a powwow about how far we've come in this weight-loss journey we are on together and we made some steps to re-commit to better behavior. We are on week two of Blue Apron and it is just great. It's a perfect serving size of fresh and natural ingredients with hardly any additives and gives us the variety that was severely lacking in our dinners. Damn, I should be getting paid for advertising, right?! We're doing that three times a week and I think it will definitely help us eat healthier and less. We're still doing our salads four times a week and I'm very conscious of the eating I do at work. I'm two nights down not drinking during the week this week with two to go! I'm back to really trying not to snack after dinner. I noticed this weekend I eat much less (but drink way more) and snack much less than I used to.
Sometimes, it seems, I just need to remember to live day by day. To breathe. To remember inevitably things will just work out, because really they almost always do. I need to realize my kids will only be small and needy for a bit longer and to be more patient with them. That it's okay for my house to be a mess. Anxiety is a bitch, y'all.

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