The Girl on the Train

As was likely evident from yesterday's post, I was not feeling great. Around noon I decided that I needed quiet and I needed rest so I took some sick time and went home. I tried to nap but was unsuccessful. Instead, I found myself finishing off the last half of The Girl on the Train. I read it on the Kindle so that was weird but it shows I can do it. I think I'll alternate between killing a book off the shelf and using that electronic device to get used to the technology that is taking over. I'd also really like to try to read more than a book a month if I can because I really do believe reading is good for your soul.
This book is mainly about a lady named Rachel who is really down on her luck and is a hot mess. Her marriage fell apart because she was barren and turned to alcohol for comfort while her husband turned to another woman. She is an unemployed alcoholic who takes the train in and out of the city so her roommate doesn't grow suspicious that she's a total disaster. On her commute, she witnesses something that may be pertinent to the investigation of a local crime. However, those pesky booze induced blackouts and that whole unreliable drunk status definitely makes things more complicated.
The story bounces between three women narrating: Rachel, Megan, the murder victim and Anna, the other woman who is currently married to Rachel's ex-husband. I found that slightly confusing at first because I'm terrible with names but the perspective of the three women casts seeds of doubt about what is really going on. One minute, you're convinced you know who the killer is until one of them talks about a suspect and completely changes your mind. The men in the book are all a little bit shady so it's hard to pinpoint whodunit. I really liked this book and if you read Gone Girl, there's a pretty good chance you'll like it, too. I'd be interested to see what the movie is all about.

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