Haiku Catch-up & Weekend Pics

Super fun weekend
Friday was Casey's last day
Of first grade. Crazy.
His classroom performed
I took the day off to hang
A nice three day break
Father's Day was great
We really tried to chill hard
And we nailed it, bro!
 First day vs last day. Big Kid.
 Casey was a snake and told us the life cycles.
 Chillin' so hard in the yard.
 S'mores for no reason is summer defined.
 Before the boat boarded.
 On the boat ride home.
 My son the weirdo.
My daughter the weirdo.

I took a bazillion pictures that can be found here. I love my new camera. I can't recommend going out to the islands enough. More info can be found here. It was so easy, reasonably priced and breathtakingly memorable. We got to see humpbacks and a rarely spotted blue whale. We saw dolphins for days. The island foxes were so cute. It was amazing. I simply can't say anything in words that the pictures won't tell you. Awesome.

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