Cars 3

On Saturday the whole family went to the first showing of Cars 3. Remember when a matinee was the cheap show? Now it's $30 for the four of us to go to the movies unless it's the bargain day on Sunday. Then it was another $30 for snacks. See why I want to stay home? Ha! I'm not crazy about sequels as a rule but we go way back with Cars. My nephew was obsessed when he was small. My son would carry three little cars (Lightning, Chick "Cacheega" Hicks and The King) with him everywhere we went for at least a year and God forbid one of those suckers went missing because it would be all hands on deck to make sure he was reunited with "the big 3."
In this installment, Lightning McQueen is feeling his age. New technology is passing him by and while he's still considered a legend, he's an old timer now. He is in a bad wreck during one of his races and after his rehabilitation he decides he is going to try for the career comeback that his mentor, Doc Hudson, was denied. He is hooked up with a state of the art training facility that his sponsor runs and gets a trainer but when that doesn't seem to get him where he wants to go, he ends up taking a stroll down memory lane to reignite his passion. In his quest to be on top again, he learns that his best bet of continuing his legacy is to become a mentor himself. And lo, he passes the reins to newcomer Cruz Ramirez, his trainer who never got the shot to be the racer she always dreamed to be.
The purpose of this movie seemed to be this hand off to a female successor so that a new generation of kids - most likely girls - can keep this franchise going. While we all enjoyed it, the nearly two hour running time definitely could have been a bit more finely tuned to cut some of the drag we felt watching it. The new characters that were introduced were likable but not particularly memorable or even very special. That being said, when Cruz Ramirez won her race, Christa jumped out of her seat and cheered. So there you have it. I think this could have been a direct-to-DVD release but I'm not certain it even warranted the price of a matinee admission. Maybe that's why my Facebook check-in magically disappeared...
And on a side note, Christa insisted she get her picture taken 
next to the poster of her favorite movie of all time after the show.

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