Captain Underpants

One of my favorite things about Casey being in school is the Scholastic book order. We read before bedtime and I love being able to stock our tiny library bookshelf cheaply with lots of options to rotate through even though the kids seem to stick to a select few that grow to be repetitive. On the last order, Husband selected the Captain Underpants five pack and they read a few chapters every night. How lovely for the movie to coincide with this new reading experience! Casey likes the books but I think Christa just likes any excuse to tell me she is Captain Underpants and will save the day.
The stories are about George and Harold who are elementary school besties that like to prank their teachers and draw comics. They are the creators of Captain Underpants, their very own superhero. In the movie, they hypnotize their super mean principle into believing he is a real life Captain Underpants and chaos ensues. Everyone and their mother does a voice in this movie but Nick Kroll steals the whole show as Professor Poopypants, the villainous science teacher who wants to eliminate the children's laughter. His German accent tickles me so. I found the movie slow to get off the ground but it did eventually get quite silly and fun. The kids really liked it. The animation was great and they even sneaked in a puppet show that was quite original and goofy. Seems like we will be seeing a lot of kids' movies this summer and that's just fine by me. It gets us out of the house so Husband can do homework and I can keep the kids entertained by doing very little. Win win.

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