Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 204
Down 1.6 from last week, 19 overall. That picture of the beer and food prep is my life. I try to be good but inevitably I drink a gallon of beer. Plus we've just had a ton of snacks and eating out. I'm glad to be trying the Blue Apron meals that help with portion sizes. We're going to have to get gangster in June. I did not drink last night but that's probably the first time in weeks.

Lifetime Steps: 2,764,859
That's 94,033 since last week which averages to 13,433 steps a day. We did a lot of walking this weekend. Yard work. I've added some time on to my lunchtime walks. Got my best day on Sunday with 15,974 steps. The hike on Monday had some steep stair steps to climb and I'm still sore today. I've hit or exceeded my steps every day since Sunday May 14. I will likely have to do a rest day today because I have a work meeting at lunch and a work function at dinner. Hooray? I feel like that picture below makes me so happy I'm not 19 pounds heavier.

Frame of Mind
Life is so busy! Early onset PMS seems to be a thing. I had a lot of weird anxiety this weekend. Today and tomorrow I'll be learning a new job. I thought June would be slower but no. Probably not. Lots of fun activities and travel planned. I can't believe tomorrow is June. Like where did May go? I'm really focusing on moving more and eating better again. I am glad my weight gain wasn't worse for how hard I went in May. I'd really like to lose the 14 pounds I need to lose to get to my drivers licence weight.

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