Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 205.6
I'm discouraged by this because it means I have gained 2.6 lbs since last week. That puts me at 17.4 lbs total lost which is still awesome but definitely not the 20 I saw last Wednesday! I have no one to blame but myself. I've not been watching what I have been eating on or really limiting my drinking. I will try to do better but the goal is to really get hardcore again starting in June. Memorial Day Weekend does not seem like the logical time to set unrealistic expectations. May was bound to bring this setback with all the celebrating and company and what have you.

Lifetime Steps: 2,670,826
That's 89,428 since last week which averages to 12,775/day. I've hit or exceeded my goal every day since Sunday, May 14. I've added a city block to my work walk which means this week I've hit my goal shortly after lunch. Husband has been very supportive of my weekend walks so I've been taking the dogs while he stays home with the kids. Gives me some time to zone out on a podcast and just not have children on me or asking me for things for an hour. Seems to work out. I really need to work in some sort of additional exercise. There's no getting around it.

Frame of Mind
There has been zero consistency to my schedule lately and I'll admit, it's thrown me for a loop. We had the in-laws here, Vegas, our anniversary and now my mom's friend is visiting. This has meant lots of eating out and lots of money being spent. We don't really do that in real life so I'll be glad in June when there is a return to normalcy. Tonight, Casey starts four weeks of basketball on Wednesdays so maybe that will give me an added boost but I have a work thing already interrupting next week. It's hard because I'm very used to routine and changes frustrate me. Other than that, I feel good and happy overall so it's just a little hiccup to overcome. Can't stop, won't stop.

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Coodence said...

vegas was awesome!