Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 205.6
I'm down .4 since last week and 17.4 overall. I have not been very good about "dieting" this past week. I did not abide by my rule of no beer M-Th but I didn't drink every night and if I did it was only one. On Monday and Tuesday I had a pretty bad tummy bug so I think we're all clear to start with the ol' detox with 10 whole days to try and get down a measly three pounds before I turn 40! Yeah, right. Edna opened the bag of peanut M&Ms and I had more than enough because I have no restraint. I've since moved that bag far from me. I had a huge dinner and a beer last night and was still down from like 209 (what!?) on Monday morning so imagine if I'd actually tried?

Lifetime Steps: 2,438,727
That's 87,401 in a week which averages out to 12,486 a day. We had a very active weekend with a color run, a hike and tons of pool time which meant not wearing my fitbit all the time. Despite driving to and from Murrieta (three hours each way) I still managed to hit my 10K steps a day so that was a good feeling. I've hit or exceeded my goal every day since Saturday April 15.
 bravely wearing skin tight everything with only a little shame
random walk selfie but you can see long hidden collarbones

Measurements April vs May 
Bust 39.5 vs 39.5 (November was 44 so down 4.5")
Waist 37 vs 36 (November was 39 so down 3") - not drinking every night matters!
Hips 43 vs 42 (November was 45 so down 3")
Thigh 24.5 vs 24.5 (November was 27 so down 2.5")
Arm 14 vs. 13 (November was 14 so down 1")
Down about 3" in a month and 14" overall. I need to really remember this when I'm mad at the scale for not moving.

Frame of Mind
I have a myriad of feelings about this whole weight-loss journey. Some days I get so down on myself because of the scale. Other days I marvel at how loose my clothes are. I've completely given up making excuses to not walk, even when I have a tummy bug or if it's hot and windy or raining. This activity increase really helped on the hike this weekend, which was easy but had some inclines that normally would have winded me. My SIL and I actually ran for a bit and I've been trying to run across streets more often. My leg muscles are nice and tight and my body is smaller and I'm stoked that I'm actually working toward being "fit" by 40 instead of "thin." Big difference.
Not only that but my drinking has drastically decreased, as has my snacking. I'd be interested in seeing how this has affected my cholesterol levels. My overall eating habits have improved so much. When I go out to eat I find myself ordering healthier options and my water intake is way higher than it used to be. I've stopped adding sugar to my coffee and even that little thing has made a difference. I'm excited to see where this journey will take me and am working hard to not allow the scale to define me. I'm more than a number. I have fat, I will not "BE" fat.

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Christine said...

you're doing such an amazing job! maybe throw out the scale if it makes you feel bad? just base it all on how you feel and how your clothes fit :)