Fit By 40 Weigh In Wednesday Summary

Weight: 204.8
That's down .8 for the week and 18.2 overall. Yesterday I did my "Transformation Tuesday" weigh in and was so excited to see 204.4 but this is fine, too. Reaching the goal of 20 pounds lost by Friday is not going to happen. It's okay. I'm totally at peace with that. This game is not over yet.

Lifetime Steps: 2,528,421
That's 89,694 for the week which averages to 12,813 steps a day. My highest step count was Sunday with 15,634. On Monday, I took a rest day and only got 7,506. I don't regret that rest day. My friend April keeps inviting me to do these Weekend Warrior FitBit challenges and I really find myself aggressively competing. Kind of fun to get that gold.

Frame of Mind
Not going to lie, I'm vibrating this week. It's a wonder I'm getting anything done at work. My in-laws arrived yesterday for a 9-day visit so I have been getting carpets cleaned and windows washed and tidying like crazy so they wouldn't arrive to a pig sty. I took both kids to the doctor yesterday. Dodger game tonight on the 9th anniversary of Husband proposing, pamper day tomorrow, Vegas on Friday and whale watching for Mother's Day on Sunday. Phew! Lots going on.
It was my intention to not walk and not diet this week but I'm just not good at being all the way bad any more. My co-workers and I went to lunch on Monday and I ate half a burrito that was the size of my forearm and didn't walk but still managed to get 7500 steps in. I drank a few beers, had a candy bar, and had zero Effs to give. Yesterday I finished that burrito  for lunch but did walk and did have a few beers. I feel like my body tells me when it has had enough of being good and I listened and I do feel better about things. I'll be back on the ol' wagon with a vengeance on Monday, for sure. With all the celebrating going on, though, I don't want to have to think about that stuff. Just for this week.
I went shopping this weekend with my mom and got regular old, XL shirts. I got some short shorts and some jeans in size 14 which is down 2 sizes since this time last year. I found a foxy dress to wear to Britney and dang it I felt foxy in it. I'm so happy with the progress I have made and I am not upset that I didn't hit a number on a scale because I see how my body has changed. I feel it. And I can't stop, won't stop. This is my lifestyle now: eating better and moving more and drinking less. And I will stick with it because I am actually going to be FIT at FORTY. Not by. Forever now. Because I can't let my kids think it's okay to be sedentary or complacent.


Christine said...

Love it, dude! You look great!

Destiny said...

Way to go, Randi! You're an inspiration. I really need to lose weight. I'm 37...Great idea..."Fit by 40". Hope you all have fun this week. I know having in-laws can feel stressful, from my experience. Keep up the great work and stay encouraged!