Eight Years

Eight years with Husband. So many adventures, endless ups and downs. A house, some cars, a couple kids, some pets, some huge losses. This man knows too much about me and I can positively say he has seen me at my very lowest and very worst but has been steadfast through it all. He stumbled upon my blog and knew my secrets and wanted to be with me anyway. It's crazy to me when I sit and think of how easily we could have never happened had he not stumbled upon that movie review and made a rather innocuous comment and had I not decided to reply to it with an email. He was living with someone and I'd been dating someone for years. He lived almost 200 miles away but had actually lived in Oxnard when I was in LA. Considering he's a Michigan man and I'm a California girl, this seems like nothing less than serendipity.
I came so close to messing it all up with him. I was so used to being treated like garbage in my relationships that I was suspicious of how good he was to me. I did that thing where you set someone free and if they come back to you they were yours all along like I was living in some cliche Young Adult novel rather than real life. But I crawled back to him and he embraced me with everything he had and within a month we were engaged. BFF teases me because I am constantly saying how much I love him but he's the best decision I have ever made. I'm so proud to have made him the father of our children and the love of my life.

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Coodence said...

happy anniversary you crazy kids!