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In the middle of February, I had just finished a pretty good streak of reading when my sister-in-law gave me All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. I thought I'd dive right into it but here we are, almost two moths to the day later, and I've just finished it. I suppose this book is in the vein of Gone Girl in the sense that is a twist and turn sort of thriller. It starts off with Nic arriving back in her hometown because her father's mental health is declining and he's telling nurses his daughter is in danger. She had left town in a hurry and never really looked back because in high school her best friend had gone missing.
After Nic's arrival, the book begins being told backwards with each new chapter basically starting with the words "The Day Before." I have trouble with books that jump around like this but if you don't, I think you'd probably be able to plow right through this. Nic's childhood sweetheart's new girlfriend goes missing and it's like that high school drama all over again. It's a story of secrets unraveling because in order to understand what is going on with the current missing girl, you have to know what went on back in the day.
It took me until about three quarters of the way in to reading this to really get in to it. The ending was a real pay off for me because all the pieces really fell together nicely with no real loose ends dangling. I liked that it was this clique of people sharing a secret and dramatic past that basically ends up repeating itself. The murder and the mystery and the rumors of a small town felt very realistic. It has inspired me to download The Girl on the Train to my kindle and I'm hoping I can get back on the book a month pace I was on before. Deleting the Facebook app on my phone should really help with that. You turn 40, y'all, and you start making some changes.

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Andrea King said...

OOOH! This is on my "want to read" list!

"Girl on the Train" was good but not as good as "Gone Girl" imo. But a good read for sure!