Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 206
Down 1.2 since last week and 17 overall. 3 weeks to lose 6+ pounds. I'm not optimistic but if I can get 3 pounds down I'll be stoked with a 20 pound weight loss by 40. I'm on the last notch on one of my new belts and even on that last notch it is too loose. I bought regular old XL shirts instead of the "larger lady" 1X that I'd been buying. Progress is being made and I'll be thrilled when I can fit in 14s because my 16s are loose now.
I've been pretty good with this "fasting" experiment. I don't go crazy with it and if I feel like I can't make it the whole 16 hours between dinner and breakfast, I just eat. Pushing back breakfast until 11 is not terribly hard and I definitely eat less when I make it the full 16 hours. I drink my three cups of coffee with milk (no sugar) in between. I have a sweet after dinner but stop eating at 7 pm. I didn't drink M-W last week which is better than usual. Trying not to drink until Saturday this week. We'll see if I make it though it seems to be easier when Husband is on call because I'm less likely to drink alone. Not drinking beer is boring, by the way. Not a fan. All this water...

Lifetime Steps: 2,261,806
That's 85,179 since last week which averages to 12,168 steps a day. I was 785 shy on Friday but that's okay since I made up for it on Saturday with 14,959 steps. Probably more than that since we were at the beach and I didn't wear my bracelet in the water for an hour or so. I didn't much feel like walking this weekend but after my nap the dogs relentless pawed at me until I walked them. I'm grateful for the additional help and motivation. Tonight starts four weeks of t-ball with Casey. Not sure how actively involved I will be in that practice like I was with soccer but the walk to and from the park will help with increasing my activity level.

Frame of Mind
I am glad this last period is behind me. It was a doozy. I had a panic attack on Monday night and it really messed with me, couldn't sleep... yeah it was bad. I feel like I put that behind me though so I'm relieved. Sometimes my mind reaches some pretty dark places. Grateful to have my husband to keep me in line.
 Down 17 pounds in this one.
Down 4 pounds between these shots.

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