Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 207.6
Down 0.8 this week and down 15.4 overall. I have 5 weeks to lose 8 pounds to hit my goal of being under 200 by my 40th.

Measurements March vs April 
(These numbers are probably more accurate since I got one of those soft measuring tapes.)
Bust 41 - 39.5 (November was 44 so down 4.5")
Chest 35 - 37 (November was 36 so really about the same)
Waist 37.5 - 37 (November was 39 so down 2")
Hips 44 - 43 (November was 45 so down 2")
Thigh 25 - 24.5 (November was 27 so down .5")
Arm 13.5 - 14 (November was 14 and another maintain)

Lifetime Steps: 2,087,933
96,116 since last week which averages out to 13,731 steps a day. I've hit or exceeded my step goal every day since Sunday March 26. My highest day of all time was this past Sunday when I hit 17,793.

Frame of Mind
Poopy. Is this PMS? Seems too soon but probably. I am bummed how little I lost this week because I really stepped up my step count. We swam for an hour on Saturday with the kids. My highest steps ever on Sunday. I've had two nights so far incorporating the resistance band into an arm workout. Then again, I really wasn't great about last week's dinners and I drank more beer this weekend than any person really should. I've been paying more attention this week and will really have to not go nuts this weekend with the beer. I am down over all and need to chill the fuck out but it's discouraging when I'm this close and have to lose about 2 pounds a week to get where I need to be and this week I missed it by 1.2 pounds.
April begins the no drinking Monday through Thursday experiment. That means for 16 days this month, I won't drink. I'm also going to really try to not eat anything after my meal those days as well. That ought to cut at least 250 calories a night and that would be 4,000 calories for the month. Supposedly 3,500 calories burns a pound. So there's that. I'm going to keep at these resistance bands and just keep walking. I've got soccer tonight and then T-ball starts on the 19th so there will be a little extra activity with the boy. I can't get discouraged but I can't go nuts either. I don't want this to turn into some weird disorder.

Heaviest vs Today

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