Walk About Town

 I like it when America is inadvertently represented.
 This sculpture reminds me of a hand of cards.
 This is currently on Oxnard Blvd. I wonder how old that sign is?
 America again
 The bridge I walk over and this cool old sign.
 Because why not.
 Train tracks always fascinate me.
 Not sure who decided to paint these things but great idea.
A garden fence in Colonia

I walk through what is essentially an agricultural and industrial area, dilapidated downtown, and one of the poorer neighborhoods in Oxnard. I see a lot of homeless people, people living in illegally parked campers, people hitting pipes on the side of the road and so many signs of poverty. I get to inhale the citrus getting packed at Saticoy Lemon. I get to wonder if I've applied my deodorant when I walk past Gills Onions. I get dirt blown in my face by big rigs loading at random produce distributors. I listen to my podcasts or my walk playlist of marching music. I get a farmers tan and shorts/sock-lines while I burn calories. That hour is one of the best hours of my day because my brain basically goes blank and I just go where my feet take me. I highly recommend it.

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