Super Fun Family Weekend Pics

 Friday date day with Casey having lunch at Chick-fil-A
 Hole-in-One at Golf-n-Stuff
 Casey hit the jackpot! 100 Tickets! 
 Took the kids to the park and had ice cream 
 Achieved peak mom status with this yard sale hat find
 My loves at the beach. I hit the jackpot, too.
 Sis and I did some sticker decorating on our Easter eggs.
I think I took about 20 off my face and arms.
 The finished product
 Handsome husband 
 Harbor Sea lion
 Funny bunnies
 We look like we're going to perform a heist.
Mom put on quite an Easter feast and a great hunt for the kids.

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Andrea King said...

One of my favorite Easters was when I was still in Virginia my sister's family came down for the weekend. We decorated eggs and Willow put stickers on all of our faces. Then we went to the beach the next day and she refused to put her little feet in the water.