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I don't even know how I can go about writing a review for a movie about Smurfs. The Smurfs were lame when I was a kid and the movies that have preceded this one were all kind of flops so you really know what you're getting before you even go. I had no desire to see this but see it we did because it happened to start sooner than Boss Baby. Neither are really not on the receiving end of glowing reviews. I'm such a cartoon snob but Daddy had homework and the kids deserved a treat so I took them to see The Lost Village.
Much in the vein of Trolls, we are treated to a psychedelically bright land full of tiny, imaginary creatures - just minus the hip Justin Timberlake inspired soundtrack. We learn that the male Smurfs, who are the majority, all have a defining feature: Hefty is strong; Brainy is smart; Clumsy is, well, clumsy. However, Smurfette, the sole female Smurf, is sort of not anything specific. As the movie progresses, we find a lost village of female warrior Smurfs and Smurfette sort of finds herself. Poor Dwight Schrute was underutilized as the quite boring yet evil Gargamel. I did laugh quite a bit at Hefty but the jokes were repetitive and stale and there wasn't much magic here for me.
Some of you may not know this but Smurfette is not really a Smurf. She is an enchanted ball of clay that Gargamel created in order to aid his infiltration of Smurf Village. Because of this anomaly, she is able to absorb Gargamel's evil plan and ends up saving the Smurfs but as a result, reverts back to clay form. It's a very sad moment in the film and the Smurfs have the equivalent of a funeral for her. My daughter, a gangster of a 3-year old, watched this funeral and her chin began to tremble and her eyes filled with tears. My son, an aloof 6-year old, said "I can't believe we came to see this movie! It is so sad!" as he clutched me tighter to him. I, a jaded mother on the cusp of 40, had to wipe the tears from her eyes because my children were devastated over a blue blob of clay. It's all fun and games until shit like this happens. Luckily it gets turned around and we were able to leave on a high note but I thought I'd throw this in to let you know that a mostly forgettable movie left a very memorable imprint on us Fridays.

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