Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 210 (maybe 209?)
We're looking at about 13 total pounds lost and maybe 1 or 2 since last week. This one is tricky because I was not at home to weigh myself on my scale. My mom's scale said I was 205 and that is RAD but likely untrue. I give it a margin of 4-5 pounds error seeing as on Monday I weighed myself at home and it said 211 but her house said 206 on Tuesday morning. I'll check again tomorrow.

Lifetime Steps: 1,905,638
That's 88,861 since last week for an average of 12,694/day. I have hit or exceeded 10k every day since last Tuesday. Saturday was a whopping 16,106 which is just 208 steps shy of my best day, March 10. I am really liking the new walk route with the incline and can really feel it in my legs and butt.

Frame of Mind
Things are good. Work seems to have leveled off. I am not thrilled that I was unable to meal prep because of the tenting and staying at my mom's but shit happens. We'll get back on that horse hopefully tomorrow and next week. Considering all the home upheaval, I have handled things very well. My period just ended and honestly things are usually much worse with my temper and anxiety. I should be reading a book but instead I got sucked into all this news about Russia and wire taps and what have you. Need to do better with the media consumption.

Me at my heaviest
 Me this morning
 I think my face looks thinner so I was trying that out
May be time for some size 14s! My shirts are huge, too.

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Christine said...

You look great!