Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 213.8
That is a gain of 1.8 since last week. Back down to only 9.2 lost since September 1. Ah, the fluctuations after eating like a hog for ten straight days in February. Lesson learned. Fat Tuesday yesterday indeed! The Germans have been here and we have been eating like kings. Good lord. Thankfully I have been very good about snacking at work and having pretty routine breakfasts and lunches or this could have been tragic. And thank goodness for all the walking! Dang.

Lifetime Steps: 1,659,157
That's 78,333 since last week which averages out to be 11,190 per day. I hit or exceeded my goal every day except Thursday. I'm super proud of that and the fact that I just earned the Italy badge! 736 lifetime miles. "By walking the entire length of Italy, you've stepped your way to another colossal achievement!"

Measurements of last month vs. today
Bust 41 vs 41
Chest 37 vs 35
Waist 38 vs 37.5
Hips 43 vs 44
Thigh 25 vs 25
Arm 13-3/4 vs 13.5
(Again, not the most accurate but it gives a good idea.)

Frame of Mind
I currently have a super awesome hangover. We celebrated my uncle's birthday at China Square and we all know how Tony loves cheers with Taiwan beer. We also finished all the beer in the fridge last night because as you know, today is day one of my six week sobriety challenge. This hangover makes me glad I made that move. Ha! Otherwise things are good, no complaints. I think of myself this time last year and how miserable I was and I am so grateful for the change of job and change of diet and change of movement because I credit it for the change in my mood. I dig this weekly check-in because it keeps me honest and on track. Except for the binge eating which is coming to a screeching halt.
Just a bit of an off-topic side note, this is a picture of us at the "old" China Square that Tony gave me last night. I think this had to have been 15 or so years ago. We go way back with those guys and I'm so grateful that the tradition of celebrating with these folks goes back something like 30 years. The picture below was in November at the "new" spot. What a great place to celebrate.