Transformation Tuesday

Here's a profile shot of me from January of 2013. Struggling with my weight is not a new thing. I found out I was pregnant with Christa in June of that same year. I weighed as much then as I did when I started this whole adventure in September of 2016. Below is sort of a terrible picture but I took it on my walk. I was getting pretty down on myself this morning because that damn scale was about the same this morning as it was last week: 213.6.
I can see the difference. I can feel the difference. But I let that scale bring me down and that sucks. I want to blame PMS but dang! Is PMS a two week deal now? I don't want to ramble too much about weight today because that's what Weigh In Wednesday is about but I need to dig out of this pity party. In order to remind myself that progress is being made, I compared my measurements from November when it dawned on me to measure myself.

November vs March
Bust was 44, now 41 - minus 3"
Chest was 36, now 35 - minus 1"
Waist was 39, now 37.5 - minus 1.5"
Hips were 45, now 44 - minus 1"
Thighs were 27, now 25 - minus 2"
Arms were 14, now 13.5 - minus .5"
Total inches lost: 9" (in 4 months - since November)
Total pounds lost: 9.2 (in 4 months - since November)
It's not that bad. Not that bad at all. 

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