My First Podcast

Husband has been listening to podcasts for as long as I can remember. I think it started on his commutes to and from San Diego when he was working down there. Every time he'd come home he would regale me with recaps of the podcasts he'd listened to. It got to a point where I asked he not use that word any more and just call them interviews. He'd recommend I listen on my own but I simply didn't unless I was with him on a long car ride. Many of my friends kept recommending podcasts for me to listen to but, per usual, I dragged my butt and ended up on the late train. I fear technology. Ask my Kindle that is currently gathering dust.
That weekend I was in BFF's yard, she told me about the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and I had just seen an article about it so I decided to give it a go based on her recommendation. I know, Christine and Andrea (and Husband), you've been trying to talk me into podcasts forever. I am sorry you were not the ones to turn me. Ha! I had my coworker show me how to put them on my phone and I began listening to them on my lunch walk. It has been a great change since my walk playlist was feeling a bit repetitive.
I have seen different articles talking about how this podcast was exploitative but I disagree. I grew up when Richard Simmons was a huge celebrity. Sweating to the Oldies and all that jazz. He was sort of omnipresent, on talk shows and what have you. Everyone knew who he was, even dressed up like him for Halloween. The podcast came about because in 2014, after being a very visible and involved celebrity, Simmons disappeared from the public eye and cut off communications with nearly everyone in his life. His friend Dan decided to attempt to track him down despite the fact that Simmons very clearly decided to seclude himself.
I found the interviews to be very respectful of Richard Simmons. I laughed often and really had strong feelings of sympathy and empathy most of the time. While tabloid stories were woven into the tapestry of the story, I didn't get the feeling that this podcast was trying to be scandalous. There were no dark secrets revealed and I didn't find the stories told to be an invasion of privacy. Listening to people whose lives had been changed thanks to Richard Simmons was very touching. The insight into the lives of overweight people quite eye opening. I won't spoil the ending for you but I will say I definitely enjoyed and recommend this six-episode journey that popped my podcast cherry.

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