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It has been five months, almost to the day, since I have seen anything other than a cartoon in a movie theater. For some reason, my mother got obsessed with the idea of seeing John Wick: Chapter 2 so I had said in passing I would take her. Last weekend, I made good on my promise and Husband and I let her come along on date night and we paid good money to see Keanu Reeves on the big screen. Let all of that soak in for a minute.
If you haven't seen the first John Wick, here is a brief summary: a widower and former hit man (Keanu) has his home robbed, car stolen and his dog murdered so he comes out of retirement to seek vengeance on basically all of the criminal underground in the tri-state area. There is very little dialogue and all kinds of violence. I'll be honest, we watched it at home and I fell asleep halfway through. When I woke up, Husband offered to let me know how it ended and I agreed. "He killed everyone." And that about summed it up.
If the first one did it for you, then the second one is a sure bet. I don't know if the sequel is better, per se, but there was definitely a lot more in the budget for captivating cinematography and exotic locales. There was a bit more dialogue and a lot more brain splatter. I had no idea how jumpy of a human being I had become until I saw this movie in surround sound. I flinched at every gunshot and was exhausted at the end of the two-hour run time. This kind of gratuitous violence just may not be for me. It didn't seem to be for Husband either as he had little to no reaction during the viewing. My mother, however, loved it. Go figure. I'd say this can certainly wait for Netflix but people sure do love this particular film series and the end of the second left things wide open for a third.

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Christine said...

dear god, that sounds awful! I'm not sure I'll ever watch a Keanu movie again....