Christa is 3

Her Three-Year Picture

I realized I didn't really do a birthday post for little Miss Christa so here we go! We had her doctor's appointment on Tuesday for her three-year check-up and she did just great. She was able to pass her eye exam with flying colors by identifying shapes from quite the distance. She's 33 pounds and 38.5" (or 3'2") which is between the 75th and 90th percentile. Her doctor predicts she will be about 5'7" just like her mama. That explains those big old feet. She blew him away by knowing the word "stethoscope" and being able to draw a circle. Then she made him laugh a whole bunch by talking about her "gina" (gI-nuh, not gE-nuh in case you were wondering). That's her favorite topic lately, especially in public where it's not even close to being appropriate .
Christa is a very smart girl with a huge vocabulary and a love of talking. She's got a fantastic sense of humor and she makes me laugh often. She sort of loves being naughty and some of her favorite things include destroying what we've built for her or drawn for her; it makes her laugh maniacally." She wants to a be a big kid like her brother so she has a big girl bike already that she is anxious to learn how to ride so she can "go to the store and buy snacks." Her big brother has also influenced her fondness of burps and farts. Again, just like her mama. She loves puppies more than anyone I know and will go up to strangers and tell them their dogs are "so so cute, what's he's name?" Her favorites are Bulbasaur from Pokemon, Super Buddies, Trolls, Paw Patrol and anything Disney. 
Pointing to her "Gina" of course

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