Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 214.6
No loss or gain which is great because, boy, did I eat like I was never going to see food again this weekend. Pizza party on Friday, date night full of sushi on Saturday, and Super Bowl Sunday replete with all the beer and snacks... Yikes. It's also PMS time once again so yay bloating!

Lifetime Steps: 1,450,325
That's 80,426 since last week which averages out to 11,489 steps a day. I hit or exceeded five days this week! Friday I was short 1683 steps and Monday I was short 791. I walked the dogs both weekend days (which is how I got about 9K extra steps!) and I guess the way I walk with them is different because I was sore afterward, like a less aggressive shin splint. Looks like I should walk them more often so I'm not aching afterward. Nevertheless, I persisted and walked during my lunch hour Monday and Tuesday through the pain (and rain).

Frame of Mind
Good but not great. To start off positive, we broke even with our taxes and I'd been worried for months that we'd owe in the thousands. Luckily, we made some successful readjustments and that whole thing is behind us. I am happy to report I am almost done reading my book so that feels very nice. I also just bought Queen tickets so that's super rad. I am very proud of all the walking and credit it for making things much better than they otherwise would be.
Now for the not so great. The PMS definitely reared its ugly head this morning. I have not been sleeping well at all due to some outrageously graphic and detailed nightmares for the past several days. I have had some odd interactions at home and some bad days here at work so I think I just need to shake it off and refocus. I'm not doing great on my goal to not drink Monday through Friday but I did succeed on the 1st. Otherwise that ball got dropped except I have stuck to just one with dinner.

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