Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight: 214.2
Down .4 since last week. This seems inconceivable to me because a) I have eaten a tremendous amount of cookies thanks to the little pity party I am having from being hurt and b) PMS like a boss. I guess sticking to a good lunch must make a difference, though it could just be dumb luck. Seriously, so many cookies.

Lifetime Steps: 1,512,597
That's 62,272 steps this week which averages out to 8,896 a day. Wednesday and Thursday were the only days I hit or exceeded my goal of 10K and was only short about 653 on Sunday. Not great. On Saturday we went to the zoo and out of nowhere my back started to spasm and pain started shooting down the front of my quads. I could not rise from a seated position without Husband physically lifting me up. I borrowed a heavy duty prescription pill from my mom because the pain was so intense. Those pills made me nauseous and knocked me out but did nothing to alleviate the pain. I ended up taking an Epsom salt bath, getting an icy hot rub down from Husband, smoking some pot, chasing that with a beer or two and basically lying on a heating pad for the rest of the day. I'm still feeling a dull ache in my lower back but I have been mobile (at least) since Sunday morning. Unbelievable. My co-worker, who is trained in sports and physical training, said it sounded like my sciatic nerve. Because I'm an elderly woman. Either way, I have decided to "rest" this week rather than do my lunch walk so I can be ready to do all the miles this weekend at Legoland. On a "restful" day I'm still clocking between 5K and 7K steps a day so I guess it could be much worse.

Frame of Mind
I'll be honest, the shit-show that is the SCROTUS (So Called Ruler of the United States) is stressing me out. It is probably irrational but I fear war. A lot. It sucks. I mean, a lot of his BS in regards to legislation in this country won't make it through the Supreme Court, etc, but his utter idiocy and incompetency makes me feel like we're going to be the target of some legit retaliation. Other than that... and this pain... and the PMS, things are okay I guess. I'm excited to get away this weekend to celebrate Christa turning three. Casey is showing some real signs of ADHD so that is on my mind. He and I have soccer tonight so I hope that will be fun. You know... just life. Hills and valleys and what have you.

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