Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 214.6
That's down 1.2 since last week, 3.2 since last month and 8.4 since September 1. Averages out to be about 2 pounds a month but as Andrea reminded me, two of those months had feast holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) in them. I've changed things up and now my breakfast is some apple slices and grapes and a hard boiled egg. I am trying to use less sugar in my coffee. I usually grab some cheese before my walk. Lunch is still a salad with chicken breast or thigh 4x a week. Snacking much less at work but it's usually a serving of pretzels. Drinking more water. Cutting back dinner portions. Trying not to snack after dinner whereas before I was killing ice cream like an assassin often.
Goal for February: not drinking beer at all Monday - Thursday. Last goal was sticking to one a night during those days which I did pretty well on for the most part.

Measurements of last month vs. today
(probably not scientifically accurate but close enough; this is for me, not for tailoring clothing)
Bust - 44 vs 41
Chest - 36 vs 37
Waist - 39 vs 38
Hips - 45 vs 43
Thigh - 27 vs 25
Arm - 14 vs 13-3/4

Lifetime Steps: 1,369,899
68,227 steps since last week which average to 9,747/day. Hit or exceeded my goal on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday I was in the 9K range. Friday was a bust because of the dang wind and tacos (see yesterday's post). I've improved my walk play list. Trying to up my pace. Really aiming to walk at least 4x a week at work.

Frame of Mind
I am feeling really good about this little program I am on. I put on a new pretty bra that is a smaller size and I'm fitting nicely into once quite snug 16s. My clothes feel looser and it's fun to see and feel the changes in my body. Reading for pleasure more has really helped my mood. Still working on cutting back on news and social media because currently it's all horse manure. I'd like to incorporate dance into my evenings to get the heart rate up and also for the fun of it. Need to look up Zumba online or something maybe. Walking is only going to get me so far. My cross-fit coworker is trying to teach me how to do squats. Yuck. Haha.

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Andrea King said...

Squats are one of the best body weight exercises you can do! And I'm saying that from a non-crossfit perspective. Go squats! :)