Weigh In Wednesday & Weekend Pics

Weight: 212
That's down 2.2 lbs since last week and 11 pounds overall. How this is possible I have no idea. I feel like I ate all the things this past weekend at my brother's and at Legoland. But now that I think of it, I remember leaving food on my plate and being reasonable with portions. I also didn't snack nearly as much as I normally do. I definitely drank a ton of beer though. I also walked all the steps so maybe that balanced out. Plus my period just left town so the odds are ever in my favor in regards to the scale this morning.

Lifetime Steps: 1,580,824
That's 68,227 since last check-in which averages to be 9,747 steps a day. I took last week off of lunch walking because of that pain in my back and the rain but I still managed to get about 7K steps a day. Saturday (15,047) and Sunday (13,920) were the only days I hit or exceeded my goal of 10K. We did a lot of driving on Friday and Monday. Yesterday was raining and I just didn't have time to get a walk in because of playing catch-up at work. This week is sort of looking like a bust again but I'll just hop back on the horse when I can and try not to get discouraged or complacent.

Frame of Mind
I'm feeling much better today. Yesterday was a bad day. We had a bunch of technical issues at work that really threw a wrench in my catch-up plans. The rain foiled my walk. I just couldn't seem to get a break. Casey has soccer tonight so even if I can't manage a work walk, I'll still get moving with him. I am glad that I took the time to prep breakfasts and salads for the remaining four days of the work week despite not really having a ton of energy or motivation after returning from our weekend away. Boy was it good to see the fam bam and BFF's fam bam. Lots of love this weekend. Christa had a super great birthday weekend and was very spoiled and I'm still riding high on that. It was nice to take a break from news updates and Facebook scrolling for a few days. I need to really keep that in mind, especially at work. It's a good time to start a new book. I also need to set some goals for March and April in regards to weight loss and exercise so I can hit my goal of getting under 200 by my birthday. 11 pounds in two months seems totally attainable if I can just get gangster. Maybe quit drinking for Lent? Weekend pics sampler below or the whole lot of them are here.

 Rock & Brew Daddy Style
 Rock & Brew Mommy Style
 Double Date Night (plus my first Uber!)
 Kids at the Aquarium
 Fam Bam 1
Fam Bam 2

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