Random Thursday

In the vein of BFF's random Thursday post, here is one of my own. I was thinking about what I looked like since I started this job and how I have changed in the last ten months or so. Here's a picture from my first day give or take:
I went and got a haircut today and so I took this fancy ass selfie just to compare and my what a difference: 
I'd also like to add that today at my hair salon there was a basket of LuLaRoe leggings and my hair stylist insisted that I try them on. I have mocked this cult for some time, you can ask Andrea. Leggings are a privilege, not a right. There's also something about an overweight woman in leggings that seems very lazy to me. That's something I have believed for as long as I can remember. Well, I put the damn things on and they felt like I was pantsless. So soft. So comfortable. So I bought them in what is nothing other than a moment of weakness. I promise you this, I shan't wear them outside of exercise and/or the comfort of my own home. Why did the damn things need to match my shirt so well? Sigh.

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Andrea King said...

Wear them loud and proud outside of your home. I do it. I'm doing it today. I do it lots and lots. :D LOOK AT ALL THE WAYS I ROE!!! hahahaha

I'm basic.

That before and almost after photo difference is way noticeable. Keep beating me in steps. You're kicking ass.