Fat Tuesday

So today is the day when we're supposed to let loose and really gorge ourselves before the fasting of Lent which begins tomorrow, Ash Wednesday. At least that's how the story goes. While I haven't been a practicing Catholic in some time, I always seem to get sucked into the idea of giving something up for Lent. Lent is the six weeks between Ash Wednesday and Easter where we are encouraged to sacrifice and repent. I hope you have all enjoyed this meandering lesson which has essentially brought me to tell you what I plan to give up.
March 1st will be six months since I got the Fitbit and sort of jumped onto the #fitby40 train that BFF planted in my brain. In six months, I've lost about eleven pounds (though that number fluctuates). I try not to focus too much on the scale because I know I have also lost inches, but losing two pounds a month is not really that impressive to me. I know it's the healthy rate of weight loss but boy is it ever slow going. I have a feeling I have hit a plateau so in an effort to kick start the weight loss, Husband and I discussed giving up beer for Lent. Naturally, because I know who I am, there is a caveat that we can have beer from a tap if we are on date night or maybe hanging with the homies. This all basically translates to no drinking beer at home, no cans, no bottles, no growlers. For six weeks.
I have less than two and a half months to lose about 12 pounds to achieve my goal of being under 200 pounds by my fortieth. If I continue at the rate I've been on, those two months will only be about four pounds lost. Because I'm super competitive and really want to achieve my goal, I'm going to try and take this beer break very seriously. Truth is, I eat pretty well, much better than in the past. I've cut way back on snacking and sweets, especially candy and ice cream. I've made some serious changes in my diet and movement. The beer intake seems to be the main roadblock. If in six weeks I see no progress, back to the brewery I go! However, I'm optimistic that change is in the air.

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