Women's March Los Angeles Weekend Pics

 Early Saturday morning I got on the road to BFF 
and got to see the sun rise over the Conejo Grade.
 Our first selfie of the day at her office building, where we parked. 
Very grateful to not have to rely on public transportation.
 We were in deep.
 My in my pussy hat and BFF looking flossy.
 A tiny activist I literally lifted up to oversee the crowds.
 My entire sentiment of the day.
 The sun setting as I drove home.

There are many more photos on my Flickr. Los Angeles estimated about 70K people for the march but more like 750K showed up. It was a peaceful day of peaceful protest. Police presence, if there was any, was hardly noticeable. Even when we shut streets down, drivers of stalled cars cheered us on. People hung out their windows to cheer us on. The vibe of the huge crowd was positive and polite, especially when we were stalled and chants of "Left on 7th" steered us on to our alternate route. Elderly and babies and ages all between, people of all races, men and women, gays and straights... a true rainbow of a crowd. There was no violence, very little vitriol. It was a day unlike any in my past and likely unlike any I hope to see in my future. I believe in the majority, even if their votes weren't meant for the president we elected. I am grateful my best friend is a strong woman that was essential in my participation of the events of the day. I am proud to have participated in this monumental event and look forward to being more politically active than I have ever been. As I said on Facebook: My reason for marching had less to do with our President and everything to do with my staunch belief that a woman should be able to make her own choices without obstacles in place to slow her down. We may not like or approve of some of her choices, but that, my dears, is freedom.

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