Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 216.8
Up 1.6 since last week. It is officially day one of my period. I hope this is water retention. However, I have been enjoying sweets a bit much lately. My meals are pretty on point though so not all hope is lost. On Saturday, I drank a total of 4 beers and got absolutely sick drunk. I guess this a sign that cutting back is going to have to happen seeing as I've lost my ability to hang.

Lifetime Steps; 1,228,856
63,443 since last week for an average of 9,063 steps a day. Good but not great. I only hit or exceeded my step goal on Saturday and yesterday. Came very close on Wednesday and Sunday, though, only short a few hundred steps. The hike on Saturday was so wonderful and the inclines were definitely felt in my calves and thighs.

Frame of Mind: 
Not great. All this weather is making me feel not so motivated. Rain in the forecast today, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Kind of thwarts my step effort. Plus there's that period thing. And the bummer of this week's weight gain. Slow and steady wins the race though. I'm still down in weight overall and my slacks are quite loose so I know that since May, when I bought them for the new job, my body has gotten smaller. I've been making more time to read actual books and that is making me quite happy.

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Christine said...

There's always a setback - keep up the good work! xoxo