Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 217
Down .8 since last week. Probably helped that I had a fever last night and had crackers and tea for dinner. I am down 6 pounds since I got the Fitbit in September. Slow and steady wins the race.

Measurements on 11/16/16 vs. Today
I'm very aware of the inaccuracies of measuring oneself especially with a tape measure that is not cloth. However, I think it's a fun exercise.
Bust - 44; Today - 42
Chest - 36; Today - 38
Waist - 39; Today - 38
Hips - 45; Today - 44
Thigh - 27; Today - 26
Arm - 14; Today - 15

Lifetime Steps: 1,101,226
That's 71,140 since last week or an average of 10,163 steps a day. I hit or exceeded my goal on Friday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I was only shy 590 steps on Saturday. I made a conscious effort to walk on our days off for the holiday. I walked at work yesterday. However it looks as though I will be thwarted because A) sick and B) rain all week n the forecast.

Frame of Mind: 
Honestly? Not great currently. At home sick with sick kids. It's raining. Not exactly what I want to be doing on this Wednesday. I am happy about the weight loss. I am hopeful this week's rain and sickness is not too much of a setback. Bert Kreischer, the comedian we went to see last weekend, did a weight loss challenge with Tom Segura. At weigh-in, I think I weighed what Bert weighs now at the beginning of my own challenge and as much as Tom at the end of his. Nothing like seeing big dudes weigh what you weigh to get you motivated. I have 18 weeks to lose at least 18 pounds if I want to meet my #fitby40 goal of not weighing 200-anything on my birthday.


Coodence said...

just caught up on a weeks worth of blog! congrats on the weight loss!! and i dig your 2016 recap. xxo

Andrea King said...

I'm sorry for all of the sickie faces. But I'm not sorry that I'm taking advantage of your downtime to, at least, catch up to you in steps. :D