Weekend Pics

 Saturday was hike day because it was dry and sunny.
 This is Paradise Falls at Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks
 This is a boy who nearly died of exhaustion after the end of four miles.
But he didn't. Because it was never as serious as he made it for many minutes of complaining that his legs were going to fall off.
 This is his sister who got carried most of the way up.
 Date night at Levity Live. Tom Segura killed it.
 A perfect representation of our lazy Sunday.
 Lunch by the Scarlett Belle 
 Farmers Market Flowers
 Cookies baked upon Casey's request. YUM
Much more fun than the healthy food prep I spent most of the afternoon working on.
 Fire the Fish with more flowers from Farmers Market
 Pie in the Face game
Pretty silly.

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