In order to get things going on the right foot, we started off the New Year with a movie, Sing. Since all we do is go to children's films, we have been seeing previews for this one for some time now. I actually wanted to see it because it had a good cast and catchy tunes so I think my expectations may have been higher than usual going in. It's the story of a koala who loves the theater and has a failing one of his own. In order to pay off his debt collectors and save his name, he puts on a singing contest. There is a snafu at the beginning and he promises way too much reward money and basically writes a check he can't cash.
There is a British gorilla whose family is a bunch of professional cooks. An elephant with stage fright. A shady mobster mouse who sings standards. A stay at home mom pig with 25 piglets and a neglectful husband. A rock star porcupine. When things go horribly awry, they all pull together and save the day. The kids really liked all the songs (I'll admit the soundtrack is great) and are straight obsessed with the singing toys McDonald's has in their Happy Meals currently. I feel like we could have easily shaved at least 20 minutes off the 108-minute run time. I liked it but didn't love it. But I guess my opinion doesn't really matter when it comes to making the children happy.
While I have you here, though, I will take a moment to recommend a cartoon that flew way under our radar: Storks. Casey went to see it with his camp crew and asked me to buy it for him at Vons just before Christmas. He and Christa have basically watched that thing on loop since we've had it. In a nutshell, it's a story of storks that run an Amazon-type delivery service but accidentally find a baby to deliver. It's very cute and funny and I recommend that one by far.

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