Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 202.4
Up .8 since last week. These fluctuations don't even bother me anymore. I see the scale shift sometimes three pounds during the week. Still down 20.6 lbs overall. I'd like to see that number go down but it would mean a lot more restraint and a lot more effort and I'm not sure I have it in me. I like the accountability of this weekly check-in. I feel like my own private Weight Watchers. The Fit-bit challenges are also keeping me motivated, even if I'm not super fired up like I was.

Lifetime Steps: 3,008,937
That's 81,488 since last week which averages out to 11,641 steps a day. Best day was Saturday June 17 with 15,320 steps. I was short 3,469 steps yesterday because I was invited to a Rotary Club lunch by my neighbor so I didn't get my lunch walk in. I'd had every intention of walking last night but my knees were sore and I just wanted to sit down. I think it was due to the steep inclines and descents of the hike on Father's Day that I'm not quite used to. It's hikes like those that really make me appreciate that 20 pounds I lost. Nothing wrong with one "rest day" a week.

Frame of Mind
I'm getting over a doozy of a head cold so maybe that's why I'm not really feeling this whole dieting/fitness thing right now. Casey started camp on Monday and when I went to pick him up I had to sign a form acknowledging he was not listening, was not keeping his hands to himself, and standing up on the moving bus. If that behavior continues, he could be suspended or expelled. He had such a great school year with awards for accelerated reading and Student of the Month and then that happened and it sort of made me feel disappointed and sad. It's the first time he has had to be grounded and I know it's not the last. He seems to be turning it around so maybe it was just the excitement of summer but yeah, it took a toll on me and made me feel like a failure as a mom.
On the flip side, Christa started preschool and she is loving it. No tears and tons of enthusiasm. I'm very excited to see her start her journey of being a big kid. Work is great but very slow so it's rough during the summer trying to pass the time. I should be filling that time with something other than social media and the news but I haven't quite gotten there yet. We're on week three of Blue Apron and I am really enjoying cooking the meals that are quite tasty and definitely not meals I'd make otherwise. The drinking during the week thing seems to be the big challenge. I made it M,T,W last week and I'm two days down this week. Husband is pretty gangster about this stuff and is talking about limiting our "cheat days" to one night a week and I just kind of miss being chubby and drunk with him sometimes but obviously this is much better.


Wonder Woman

On Friday afternoon, Gaga and I took the kids to see Wonder Woman to celebrate the last day of school. I will probably be lynched by feminists by saying this, but this wasn't a movie I was really rushing out to see. In the DC world, Batman is my main man but I'm more of a Marvel gal. However, I know the importance of this being a female leading a superhero movie and I was stoked to expose the kids. Plus, my mom is deeply in love with Chris Pine so everyone was a winner that day.
I know this shouldn't be what I lead with but ohmyg is Gal Gadot the most beautiful woman on earth? Her features were captivating and mesmerizing and she had me entranced from the jump. I loved the way Wonder Woman started with Diana as a wee lass. Greek mythology has always been so interesting to me because when I was in elementary school, my enrichment reading teacher made it a point to really immerse us in the gods and goddesses. Ask Husband! I kill on Jeopardy! It was so kick ass to see all those bad ass Amazons training for battle like bosses. Very cool.
The movie itself may have not exactly been great for the kids but they really liked all her fighting with the sword and lasso. The World War II backstory was a bit dark and hard for them to really understand, same with Captain America. It upset them to see the death and destruction but the reality is this is our history and our world. I don't think it's bad for them to be exposed to all of that, it just isn't an easy thing to sit through in the movie theater. Chris Pine's character was so brave and charismatic. The side characters were all so entertaining. My mom and I sobbed through the ending but I also got crazy choked up with pride and awe watching Diana bravely cross a battle field. Empowerment, indeed. So now I will insist that if you are a female, see this movie. Males, sure. But women? I insist.


Haiku Catch-up & Weekend Pics

Super fun weekend
Friday was Casey's last day
Of first grade. Crazy.
His classroom performed
I took the day off to hang
A nice three day break
Father's Day was great
We really tried to chill hard
And we nailed it, bro!
 First day vs last day. Big Kid.
 Casey was a snake and told us the life cycles.
 Chillin' so hard in the yard.
 S'mores for no reason is summer defined.
 Before the boat boarded.
 On the boat ride home.
 My son the weirdo.
My daughter the weirdo.

I took a bazillion pictures that can be found here. I love my new camera. I can't recommend going out to the islands enough. More info can be found here. It was so easy, reasonably priced and breathtakingly memorable. We got to see humpbacks and a rarely spotted blue whale. We saw dolphins for days. The island foxes were so cute. It was amazing. I simply can't say anything in words that the pictures won't tell you. Awesome.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.6
That is down 2.2 lbs since last week and 21.4 overall. My period just ended and I just want to give a big "F You" to bloating and PMS. I'm 65% on my way to being back at my drivers licence weight of 190 from when I started. I'm so dang close to being under 200. Feels real nice. My sister-in-law even commented on how I looked good and that is really saying something.

Lifetime Steps: 2,927,449
That's 75,426 since last week which averages to 10,775 steps a day. I did not wear my fitbit much on Sunday because we spent all day in the pool and it was a perfectly wonderful rest day spent in my brother's backyard that I don't regret one bit. We also drove all over Southern California this weekend so there's that. On Monday I was shy 1,988 steps but I had gone grocery shopping during my lunch hour and had to spend the evening meal prepping our lunches and making dinner and doing all the tidying and laundry I usually spend the weekend doing so I couldn't muster a walk. I had a picnic with Casey yesterday during lunch that negated my walk time and felt like blowing off another day of walking but I didn't! After dinner I threw Christa in her stroller and we did my big neighborhood lap for almost an hour and I hit those steps like a boss. Can't stop, won't stop!

Frame of Mind
Without a doubt, last week was not a good one overall. I can blame some of that on my period, I suppose. We've also had very little downtime and our regularly scheduled programming has been severely interrupted lately. With Casey starting camp and Christa starting preschool, our budget will be very tight so I'm optimistic July and August will be good months to lay real low. Beaches and pools and parks and hikes and free activities. Jot that down.
Sunday on the long drive home, while the kids were passed out in the back seat, Husband and I had a powwow about how far we've come in this weight-loss journey we are on together and we made some steps to re-commit to better behavior. We are on week two of Blue Apron and it is just great. It's a perfect serving size of fresh and natural ingredients with hardly any additives and gives us the variety that was severely lacking in our dinners. Damn, I should be getting paid for advertising, right?! We're doing that three times a week and I think it will definitely help us eat healthier and less. We're still doing our salads four times a week and I'm very conscious of the eating I do at work. I'm two nights down not drinking during the week this week with two to go! I'm back to really trying not to snack after dinner. I noticed this weekend I eat much less (but drink way more) and snack much less than I used to.
Sometimes, it seems, I just need to remember to live day by day. To breathe. To remember inevitably things will just work out, because really they almost always do. I need to realize my kids will only be small and needy for a bit longer and to be more patient with them. That it's okay for my house to be a mess. Anxiety is a bitch, y'all.


Weekend Pics

 The boys playing cornhole while the birthday girl stands witness 
and the photographer gets squint wrinkles.
 Christa and the birthday girl taking a bath
 Casey's happy place with his camera shy cousin
 Husband being ridiculous
 My favorite bathing beauties
 Me, nailing this whole R&R thing 
 SIL & I in our unintentional matching swimsuits
 Sophia the Worst
Saying goodbye to Uncle Fuzzyface. I admit I cried this time leaving my brother. 
I'm homesick for him and it's nice to miss him. We had such a great visit. 
We got home in record time, no traffic, with a beautiful sunset.


Haiku Friday

Silly old Randi
Thinking June would be so chill
Absolutely not
School is out next week
Casey's camp, Christa's preschool
Start on Six Nineteen
Adios, money!
Poverty will force us to
Chill out in July


The Girl on the Train

As was likely evident from yesterday's post, I was not feeling great. Around noon I decided that I needed quiet and I needed rest so I took some sick time and went home. I tried to nap but was unsuccessful. Instead, I found myself finishing off the last half of The Girl on the Train. I read it on the Kindle so that was weird but it shows I can do it. I think I'll alternate between killing a book off the shelf and using that electronic device to get used to the technology that is taking over. I'd also really like to try to read more than a book a month if I can because I really do believe reading is good for your soul.
This book is mainly about a lady named Rachel who is really down on her luck and is a hot mess. Her marriage fell apart because she was barren and turned to alcohol for comfort while her husband turned to another woman. She is an unemployed alcoholic who takes the train in and out of the city so her roommate doesn't grow suspicious that she's a total disaster. On her commute, she witnesses something that may be pertinent to the investigation of a local crime. However, those pesky booze induced blackouts and that whole unreliable drunk status definitely makes things more complicated.
The story bounces between three women narrating: Rachel, Megan, the murder victim and Anna, the other woman who is currently married to Rachel's ex-husband. I found that slightly confusing at first because I'm terrible with names but the perspective of the three women casts seeds of doubt about what is really going on. One minute, you're convinced you know who the killer is until one of them talks about a suspect and completely changes your mind. The men in the book are all a little bit shady so it's hard to pinpoint whodunit. I really liked this book and if you read Gone Girl, there's a pretty good chance you'll like it, too. I'd be interested to see what the movie is all about.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 203.8
Down .2 since last week, down 19.2 overall. Considering on May 24 I was up to 205.6, I feel okay with this number. I am also waiting for my period to arrive any day now and am in the throes of PMS so the fact that I'm not knee deep in cookies and ice cream is an accomplishment in and of itself. I had a beer last night because boy was it a rough one but I'm really trying to not drink during the week under normal circumstances. Back to lots of fruits and veggies during the day and eating less at dinner time with no snacking afterward though we did have some cake last night for no reason and I certainly didn't pass so there's that.
Sometimes I take potty selfies for Husband as a joke and this is one where I feel smokin' hot and curvy
so I'm putting this here to offset all the bad monster feelings I am having currently. The End.

Measurements June vs May 
Bust 39.5 vs 40 (November was 44 so down 4")
Waist 36 vs 36 (November was 39 so down 3")
Hips 42 vs 42.5 (November was 45 so down 2.5")
Thigh 24.5 vs 24 (November was 27 so down 3")
Arm 13 vs 13 (November was 14 so down 1")
Total loss: 13.5"

Lifetime Steps: 2,852,023
That's 87,164 since last week which averages out to 12,452 steps a day. I missed my step goal twice. On Wednesday May 31, I missed by 98 steps. I had training and didn't get my lunch walk so after work I put Christa in the stroller (and ran!) and tried to play catch up before my work dinner and lo, I didn't give a rat's behind about making that wristband buzz after such a big day. On Sunday June 4, I missed by 2,484 steps. The Book of Mormon was the night before and Casey thought it would be best if he woke me up after less than 5 hours of sleep so I spent the day napping and being lazy AF and I don't feel bad about it one bit.

Frame of Mind
Guys, it's just no bueno over here. Had some news last week that sucks balls. Husband is actively pursuing his Masters Degree while working his full-time shift plus lots of call and I'm trying to give him the time he needs to do both things (which means lots of solo time with the kids) but sometimes I am just over it. I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of working full-time, taking care of the household everything, and being a wife and mom simultaneously. Casey's school is wrapping up so I am trying to figure out budgeting for camp with the added expense and paperwork of getting Christa enrolled in day care. Bye, bye cleaning lady! Casey also had a dental "emergency" yesterday and squabbles with his neighbor buddy at least a couple times a week and I just don't need this shit right now. Sometimes I feel like I lose just being Randi.
PMS and anxiety don't help ANY of this and both are quite high currently. To top it off, I have a big, ugly cold sore and I haven't had one in a long time so it's making me feel sad like a dinosaur that I look like a herpasaurus face. My immunity feels low. I feel sluggish and tired and irritable. I'm still forcing myself to walk and eat well but I also would just like to eat a bucket of M&Ms and stay in my pajamas all day and become a hermit. I wish I didn't have the insane desire to have everything in order all the time but it's a part of the quilt-work that is me. Things OBVIOUSLY could be much worse and I get that this is mostly petty but fuck it. It's my petty and this is what's going on.


Captain Underpants

One of my favorite things about Casey being in school is the Scholastic book order. We read before bedtime and I love being able to stock our tiny library bookshelf cheaply with lots of options to rotate through even though the kids seem to stick to a select few that grow to be repetitive. On the last order, Husband selected the Captain Underpants five pack and they read a few chapters every night. How lovely for the movie to coincide with this new reading experience! Casey likes the books but I think Christa just likes any excuse to tell me she is Captain Underpants and will save the day.
The stories are about George and Harold who are elementary school besties that like to prank their teachers and draw comics. They are the creators of Captain Underpants, their very own superhero. In the movie, they hypnotize their super mean principle into believing he is a real life Captain Underpants and chaos ensues. Everyone and their mother does a voice in this movie but Nick Kroll steals the whole show as Professor Poopypants, the villainous science teacher who wants to eliminate the children's laughter. His German accent tickles me so. I found the movie slow to get off the ground but it did eventually get quite silly and fun. The kids really liked it. The animation was great and they even sneaked in a puppet show that was quite original and goofy. Seems like we will be seeing a lot of kids' movies this summer and that's just fine by me. It gets us out of the house so Husband can do homework and I can keep the kids entertained by doing very little. Win win.


Date Night

On Saturday night, we started off the ultimate date night at a spot called Musso and Frank Grill. It's the oldest restaurant in Hollywood and Husband learned of it via podcasts so I decided to just take us there.
It's 98 years old and the menu hasn't changed much. Their cocktail list is just names of cocktails, no description and I found that very quaint. Lots of liver and kidneys for entrees. I had a champagne cocktail and Husband had a rye. He had the filet and I had the Prime Rib and neither is likely to be topped.
Every bite was delicious, the drinks were perfect and the service was impeccable. I highly recommend this indulgence at least once in your life. It was like stepping back in time. The waiters even wore those schooly old red jackets. They print their menus daily so our waiter signed ours and sent us on our way with it.
We walked ten minutes (in heels, both ways) to the theater so Husband could play tourist since he's never really been on Hollywood Blvd. Jim Henson's star was one of the first outside the restaurant.
Ultimate tourist photo at Hollywood & Vine.
We saw The Book of Mormon at the beautifully restored Pantages theater. 
 Lobby ceiling
Outside the entrance to our seats
Row Z, Center Orchestra so our backs were literally against the wall. The show was incredible and 100% worthy of the critical acclaim. The music was great. How insane that the creators of South Park did this!? It's positively vulgar and all the way wrong but I laughed, got goosebumps, teared up... it was a fantastic theater experience.
And I could not get over how smokin' hot we both looked so I insisted some random other theater goer take our picture. Great night with a great spouse. I wish we could do this all the time.


Haiku Friday

What a week, you guys! 
Trained for my new position
Queen Orchard Maiden
I sure like my job
I'm just so much happier
Than at the last place
Hope I don't mess up
But they seem to have some faith
Hooray for new things! 


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 204
Down 1.6 from last week, 19 overall. That picture of the beer and food prep is my life. I try to be good but inevitably I drink a gallon of beer. Plus we've just had a ton of snacks and eating out. I'm glad to be trying the Blue Apron meals that help with portion sizes. We're going to have to get gangster in June. I did not drink last night but that's probably the first time in weeks.

Lifetime Steps: 2,764,859
That's 94,033 since last week which averages to 13,433 steps a day. We did a lot of walking this weekend. Yard work. I've added some time on to my lunchtime walks. Got my best day on Sunday with 15,974 steps. The hike on Monday had some steep stair steps to climb and I'm still sore today. I've hit or exceeded my steps every day since Sunday May 14. I will likely have to do a rest day today because I have a work meeting at lunch and a work function at dinner. Hooray? I feel like that picture below makes me so happy I'm not 19 pounds heavier.

Frame of Mind
Life is so busy! Early onset PMS seems to be a thing. I had a lot of weird anxiety this weekend. Today and tomorrow I'll be learning a new job. I thought June would be slower but no. Probably not. Lots of fun activities and travel planned. I can't believe tomorrow is June. Like where did May go? I'm really focusing on moving more and eating better again. I am glad my weight gain wasn't worse for how hard I went in May. I'd really like to lose the 14 pounds I need to lose to get to my drivers licence weight.


Long Weekend Pics

 Friday night dance party while Casey You Tubes
 Saturday at the Zoo with the kiddos
 Then to Carpinteria for some park time
 Sissy couldn't hang while we watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the umpteenth time.
 Did some major yard work and planted some veggies
 Sunday pool day wouldn't be complete without Cheetos
 And smoldering
 Got Krispy Kreme for the first time since it opened. YUM
 Casey and I finished Clay Face
 Husband prepared our first Blue Apron meal.
 We killed a ton of beer and I meal prepped. Back on the wagon.
 Jam sesh with Daddy on the drums, Casey on the guitar and Christa on the tea set.
My wackadoodle knucklehead after bath

We also took a lovely hike on Monday and you can see those pictures here.


Haiku Friday

Have your read these books
Ordinary People Change 
The World? Well, you should
They are a bright light
During these very dark times
Just a speck of hope
We must remember
People who made a difference
When times seemed much worse


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 205.6
I'm discouraged by this because it means I have gained 2.6 lbs since last week. That puts me at 17.4 lbs total lost which is still awesome but definitely not the 20 I saw last Wednesday! I have no one to blame but myself. I've not been watching what I have been eating on or really limiting my drinking. I will try to do better but the goal is to really get hardcore again starting in June. Memorial Day Weekend does not seem like the logical time to set unrealistic expectations. May was bound to bring this setback with all the celebrating and company and what have you.

Lifetime Steps: 2,670,826
That's 89,428 since last week which averages to 12,775/day. I've hit or exceeded my goal every day since Sunday, May 14. I've added a city block to my work walk which means this week I've hit my goal shortly after lunch. Husband has been very supportive of my weekend walks so I've been taking the dogs while he stays home with the kids. Gives me some time to zone out on a podcast and just not have children on me or asking me for things for an hour. Seems to work out. I really need to work in some sort of additional exercise. There's no getting around it.

Frame of Mind
There has been zero consistency to my schedule lately and I'll admit, it's thrown me for a loop. We had the in-laws here, Vegas, our anniversary and now my mom's friend is visiting. This has meant lots of eating out and lots of money being spent. We don't really do that in real life so I'll be glad in June when there is a return to normalcy. Tonight, Casey starts four weeks of basketball on Wednesdays so maybe that will give me an added boost but I have a work thing already interrupting next week. It's hard because I'm very used to routine and changes frustrate me. Other than that, I feel good and happy overall so it's just a little hiccup to overcome. Can't stop, won't stop.


Eight Years

Eight years with Husband. So many adventures, endless ups and downs. A house, some cars, a couple kids, some pets, some huge losses. This man knows too much about me and I can positively say he has seen me at my very lowest and very worst but has been steadfast through it all. He stumbled upon my blog and knew my secrets and wanted to be with me anyway. It's crazy to me when I sit and think of how easily we could have never happened had he not stumbled upon that movie review and made a rather innocuous comment and had I not decided to reply to it with an email. He was living with someone and I'd been dating someone for years. He lived almost 200 miles away but had actually lived in Oxnard when I was in LA. Considering he's a Michigan man and I'm a California girl, this seems like nothing less than serendipity.
I came so close to messing it all up with him. I was so used to being treated like garbage in my relationships that I was suspicious of how good he was to me. I did that thing where you set someone free and if they come back to you they were yours all along like I was living in some cliche Young Adult novel rather than real life. But I crawled back to him and he embraced me with everything he had and within a month we were engaged. BFF teases me because I am constantly saying how much I love him but he's the best decision I have ever made. I'm so proud to have made him the father of our children and the love of my life.