Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 198.4
Up .4 from last week, down 24.6 overall. I'm convinced it's PMS week because I am starving and irritable. Lucky me. You know when it's not a good idea to try to not drink during the week? When your baseball team is in the playoffs and you're a nervous wreck. The more you know. I ate and drank a lot this weekend - despite putting a ton of miles on at the zoo - so I didn't figure a loss was in the cards. I won't be discouraged, though, a slip up doesn't mean disaster, just another chance to start over.

Lifetime Steps: 4,387,977
That's 80,929 since last week which averages out to 11,561 steps a day.
Friday - short 3,179 steps because I was driving most of the day.
Monday - short 1,816 steps because it was a thousand degrees outside and I didn't want heat stroke so I didn't walk at noon. I had planned to walk at night but I decided to come down with a cold instead.
Thursday and Tuesday I exceed 14K so I figure it all balances out. I am not going to stress myself out if I don't walk every day. I just need to keep doing my best.

Frame of Mind
Let's do it like this:
The Good: Dodgers are in the playoffs. Work is pretty calm. Husband has an interview.
The Bad: I had to put new brakes on the car and the dogs had a pretty big vet bill so I'm back to worrying about money. I know I keep threatening house arrest but it's going to have to happen this winter, possibly as early as this weekend, 100%.
The Ugly: PMS, weight gain, and a cold. I also spent a weekend with my shit-talking family and it took its toll on my self esteem, not gonna lie. I know they think they're playing but sometimes I'm not in a good frame of mind and there we have it. I also went to try on clothes on Monday and thought I'd be in 12s and larges by now but no. It's fine. It will pass.


Haiku Catch Up Slash Weekend Pics

No haiku last week
Did some work and hit the road
Long drive with mom, kids
Tacked on many miles
San Diego Zoo, Old Town
Lotsa family time
Ate and drank too much
But I didn't sleep enough
Paying the piper

 Moms are not allowed to be silly
 Devilicious with the fam in Old Town Temecula
 Looking like thugs
 My niece the Kardashian
 Swimming in an icy pool
 The besties
 Their album cover
 They made me do the sky tram. I'm not crying.
 Family photo
Passed out at dinner.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 198
Maintaining. 25 lost total. Full transparency, I have hardly even tried in regards to eating this past week. On Friday I skipped my salad for a giant plate of carnitas thanks to work. It was not worth it, honestly. Fleeting moments of mouth pleasure do not make it worth a ton of time on the potty and general feelings of fullness that come from overeating. I've also not really tried cutting back beer drinking or after dinner snacks. Despite that, I am drinking and eating much less than in the past so that's a win in my opinion.

October Measurements: (Now vs. November 2016)
Arms - 13.5" (down 0.5")
Bust - 40" (down 4")
Waist - 35" (down 4")
Hips - 41" (down 4")
Thighs - 24.5" (down 2.5")
Total inches lost: 15"

Lifetime Steps: 4,307,048
That's 64,986 since last week which only averages to 9,284 steps a day. Wednesday my toe was still hurting from falling off the step stool so I was trying to take it easy. Sunday I have no excuse other than I was feeling lazy and decided to nap and chill instead. Monday, the wind was blowing so hard and there was so much dirt and ash in the air that it would have been irresponsible to walk. I'm trying to get motivated again and am considering joining a gym in November so things like weather won't prohibit my walking.
Wednesday - short 5,190
Sunday - short 2,651
Monday - short 5,538
(earned October 5)
Frame of Mind
I was just telling Husband this morning that I feel burned out. I was telling BFF yesterday that I feel disorganized and that things are just passing right by me. In general, I just feel off and that is difficult for me because I sort of thrive on having all my ducks in a row. I'm so grateful I have a job I really like and that we got to go on all these fun adventures. I think going to see my family this weekend will put a pep in my step. Frankly, being a working mom is just hard sometimes. I have to keep track of everyone and make sure we get to practices and appointments and games and back to school nights. I have to make sure everyone is fed and that dinner gets on the table. Most of the times, I run a pretty tight ship but I feel like I've not been on top of things as much as I usually am. Ah, well. The idea is to keep on keeping on and I will. But I am glad I have this space to vent.


My Little Pony

I don't know when it happened but recently Christa got into My Little Pony - something I was into around her age - and started collecting the tiny plastic horses. I don't even actually recall her actually watching the revamped cartoon on TV until recently. It makes me laugh because Casey acts like he's humoring her when she does ask for it but when I tell him she is leaving and he can change it he tells me he doesn't mind watching it. I told him he's a Brony. When it was announced that there was going to be a movie - released just a day after her dad's birthday - you know it was inevitable that I had to take her. I told Casey he could bow out of it but he wanted to go but he said he liked the previews. For good measure we dragged Gaga along with us.
There was some cartoon short before the movie began that made me wonder if maybe I shouldn't have popped some hallucinogenics prior to this viewing. Something about a bunny riding down a rainbow slide and being chased by a monster before ending up in a sea of lava. Yeah, I don't know either. The Pony movie itself is about Twilight Sparkle, the lead pony and princess of friendship, setting up a concert to celebrate friendship day. The headliner? The singer Sia, only in pony form as Songbird Serenade. The party gets crashed by some bad guys who want to steal the magic held by the princess ponies so that the Storm King can control the weather. Twilight Sparkle and her buddies (Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Pinkie Pie and Spike the dragon) escape and need to form a plan to save their land of Equestria. They meet some shady folks along the way who aren't exactly on their side at first but the power of friendship transforms them and they end up forming a team and saving the day. I'm talking pirates and hippogriffs in the form of seahorses, friends. Weird stuff.
I gotta be honest, this one was a bit harder for me and Gaga to sit through compared to others but boy did the kids dig it. There were a few laughs thanks to the very spastic Pinkie Pie but overall it was just a shit ton of colorful ponies and I'm not entirely sure I am hip to any of this any more. There were a few decent songs performed by fairly big names other than Sia like Taye Diggs, Kristin Chenoweth and Emily Blunt that got the girl on her feet and dancing around in the aisle. She was on cloud nine when Gaga spoiled her with her very own Twilight Sparkle plush from the concessions stand. Casey is too cool and manly to be photographed with the poster but he totally liked the movie and even was afraid in some of the darker parts. The things I do to keep my kids happy. Daddy's lucky he had Highland Games practice.


Weekend Pics

 Date Night on Friday
 On Saturday morning, we decorated for Halloween
 Watched some Dodgers playoff games
 Casey and the cabers
Husband and the kilted hooligans he'll be doing the Highland Games with next weekend.


Haiku Friday

Husband's forty-three
Yesterday was the big day
I didn't blog it
Tonight is date night
A low key weekend ahead
Soccer, a movie
I like how I think
We will take it easier
But we never do


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 198
Down a pound since last week, 25 overall. 8 pounds to go to meet my first goal. Happy to see that scale moving downward! I'm not doing great with the no drinking during the week challenge. I did keep it to one beer the last two days though so that's good. Moderation is key. Still doing the salads and Blue Apron and it really makes a difference. Meal planning is where it's at.

Lifetime Steps: 4,242,062
That's 78,846 since last week which averages to 11,264 steps a day. I was short 3,833 on Monday and 4,287 yesterday because I decided to sit out a couple lunch walks.I fell off the step ladder over the weekend and bruised my toe pretty badly so I decided to take it easy. I didn't walk at all Saturday or Sunday but managed to exceed my step counts by the thousands simply by cleaning the house and running errands. There was not a lot of rest this weekend. BFF, the SIL and I did the workweek hustle challenge which was fun and also quite motivating. I managed to break my record by scoring a challenge personal best of 71,481 steps in 5 days. Not too shabby.

Frame of Mind
Honestly? It's shit. Husband is working way too much and is knee deep in homework. I am disorganized and forgetful. I feel like I don't have time for anything but I am reading way too much news. This Vegas shooting was garbage. BFF going through this cancer nonsense is bullshit. 45 is a national disgrace. Blech. Now is likely the time I should be going on those walks that I'm not going on but my motivation feels like it's at a real low point right now. But! We must persist. We must find the silver lining so here is some positivity:
  • I won a $30 gift card by posting pictures on Instagram from Coastal Cleanup Day
  • I sold some old jewelry yesterday and made $250 on what was otherwise garbage
  • Tomorrow is Husband's birthday
  • Husband didn't get the last job but the next day he learned he had another interview for 10/10 at 10. Fingers crossed! 
  • I love fall weather
  • My clothes are all too big
  • We don't have too much planned this weekend so hopefully I can decompress
  • The following weekend I think we'll go see my family for my nephew's birthday after all
  • The weekend after that I got us tickets for Boo at the Zoo which is something we've not done before

Weigh In Wednesday SUMMARY

Thought I'd review my monthly loss since I started tracking in November because I thought it would be a good way to keep a record. It's nice to see I have been consistent with overall loss and that the fluctuations are not out of the norm.

11/2 - 222
11/9 - 221.8
11/16 - 221.2
11/23 - 220.4
11/30 - 219.2
Total Monthly Loss: 2.8 lbs

12/7 - 220
12/14 - 220
12/21 - 219.8
12/28 - 217.8
Total Monthly Loss: 2.2 lbs

1/4 - 217
1/11 - 215.2
1/18 - 216.8
1/25 - 215.8
Total Monthly Loss: 1.2 lbs

2/8 - 214.6
2/15 - 214.2
2/22 - 212
Total Monthly Loss: 2.6 lbs

3/1 - 213.8
3/8 - 213.8
3/15 - 211
3/22 - 210
3/29 - 208.4
Total Monthly Loss: 5.4 lbs

4/5 - 207.6
4/12 - 207.2
4/19 - 206
4/26 - 206
Total Monthly Loss: 1.6 lbs

5/3 - 205.6
5/10 - 204.8
5/17 - 203
5/24 - 205.6
5/31 - 204
Total Monthly Loss: 1.6 lbs

6/7 - 203.8
6/14 - 201.6
6/21 - 202.4
6/28 - 203
Total Monthly Loss: 0.8 lbs

7/5 - 202.6
7/12 - 201.6
7/19 - 201.4
7/26 - 201.4
Total Monthly Loss: 1.2 lbs

8/2 - 200.8
8/9 - 200.8
8/16 - 199.8
8/23 - 201
8/31 - 201
Total Monthly Loss: Oh, no. I'm up 0.2 lbs.

9/6 - 200.8
9/13 - 199.6
9/20 - 199.2
9/27 - 199
Total Monthly Loss: 1.8 lbs.

10/4 - 198


Weekend Pics

 Casey had a 3 pm soccer game and they did poorly.
 Nevertheless, we had a good time.
 I missed ONE homework assignment and became a 
Pinterest mom with my organizational corner.
 The kids and I spent a lot of time with Gaga because Daddy had lots of work. 
 Precious cargo
 My Halloween Lego Set
Inside my new Halloween dish from Gaga


Haiku Friday

 Mr. Handsome Face
Looking just like his daddy
Second Grade Smolder
 And here's Christa-boo
Her first pictures without me
She did so good right? 
 Preschool loves poses
And props and some fun backdrops
Little stinker face


Some Reviews!

Last weekend I brought the kids to see the Lego Ninjago Movie because Lego is life. I'll be honest, none have lived up to the first one for me. Batman came second and was enjoyable but didn't meet my wild expectations. As for this third installment, I have to say it didn't do it for me. My niece asked me twice in the first half hour how much longer it was going to be before it was over. Christa fell asleep about 10 minutes in. However, at the end while they were dancing to the credits, all of the kids told me they loved it. Who can tell? There were a few funny moments and the story of Lloyd the Green Ninja trying to establish a relationship with his warlord father was good but all together, I found it to be a disjointed mess. I wanted more of a backstory for the other ninjas, specifically Kumail Nanjiani's. Justin Theroux was a great Garmodon.

Over the weekend I also finished The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. This was another book that just happened to be on my bookshelf though I don't recall how it got there. I'm glad it was the next book I chose because it was beautifully written and its message was spiritually enlightening. It is about a shepherd boy who has a dream that he will find treasure at the pyramids. He is content with his life but meets a king that tells him he must follow his dreams. He risks it all and despite many seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he keeps inching closer to achieving his goal of reaching the pyramids. He encounters many people who shape him and his journey and even falls in love along the way.
I found this reading particularly poignant because Husband is currently awaiting news on a job he applied for that is very important to him. He's frustrated because he's heard nothing back despite things seeming like they went very well. We can be disappointed by life's hiccups or we can remember to count our blessings. We can accept that there are reasons for things happening, despite them not being a part of "our" plan. We can focus on not being defeated, but getting back up and dusting ourselves off and finding a way. It was a very good reminder and a refreshingly beautiful tale of perseverance. Highly recommend.


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 199
Down .2 since last week and 24 overall. I'm down 1.8 for the month of September. Last week I made it Monday through Thursday without drinking beer or snacking after dinner. This week has been rough because of the following reasons:
A) Monday at Disneyland so our meals were definitely different but we did minimal snacking and that was rad honestly. I can't believe I had no ice cream or churros and instead of snacking on the kids' candy we got at trick or treating, I actually ate their carrot sticks. What?! I also only had one beer all day and that was at lunch so I feel like a winner.
B) Tuesday was a crazy ass day at work playing catch up so I was tired and irritated for most of the day. I had one dinner beer and I'm happier for it. However! I did make sure our stuff was ready for meal prep before we left for our weekend away so we were able to get right back on that horse with our hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and salads for lunch and our Blue Apron dinner. BOOM.
C) I just started my period which makes me susceptible to being weak to food and drink cravings and then there's the bloating. Hopefully next week's weigh in won't be too badly affected.
Pretty impressed with this shot of me from behind that Husband took. 
My legs and buns look great and I'm slimmer than I'm used to and YAY!

Lifetime steps: 4,163,216
That's 92,288 since last week which averages to 13,184 steps a day. I have hit or exceeded my 10k since Tuesday September 19 so it's nice to see an 8-day streak. I got an all-time high of 21,831 on Monday thanks to Disneyland and I earned a rad new badge.
Frame of Mind
We have really been burning the candle at both ends and last night I had a bit of a breakdown and kind of lashed out at the kids and Husband because I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions. I hadn't had a good night's sleep in a while because we had a cousins sleepover then we slept at BFF's house and then we had a late night on Monday. Yesterday was nuts at work and then we had soccer practice and I had to make dinner and squeeze in the walk I couldn't take at lunch. I feel rested today because I made it a point to go to bed before 9 and got to sleep until just before 7 so that's good. I'll need to walk tonight because I have a doctor's appointment at lunch to get to the bottom of why I felt so bad after I gave blood.
 I need to make a conscious effort to slow down and take it easy not only because I get burnt out but because of money. With the holidays and all the birthdays in November, we need to tighten those purse strings but boy have we done some real fun stuff lately. I'm feeling really good about my "diet" and my activity level getting back to normal and was thrilled to see that loss. I still have 9 pounds to go until I hit my driver's license weight but knowing me it will take until I turn 41 to get there. Oh well, slow and steady wins the race, right?
Just a side note? It was so nice to be without news or social media for the most part all weekend. I need to do that more often. Everyone is so pissed off at everything and it is exhausting. I am so glad to not have Facebook on my phone.

Doctor's Visit Edit: I weighed 200 on her scale while fully clothed, shoed and full of coffee and breakfast. I feel very good about that. Getting a blood panel done to determine if I am anemic, pre-diabetic or have issues with my thyroid. Got my flu shot.


Weekend Pics

 Big turnout for Casey's soccer game. 
Got to hang out with the niece and nephew
 Besties at the park
 Silly siblings
 Attacking BFF on the slide
 Joz loves Husband

We also had a SUPER GREAT time at Disneyland yesterday. Pictures here.


Haiku Friday

Do you know how hard
It is for me to calm down
Before Disneyland?
You'd think I was five
Instead of forty years old
My kids are less nuts
Fall is in the air
Mickey's Halloween Party
 Best time of the year


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 199.2
Down .4 since last week, 23.8 overall. This week I recommitted to "sobriety" Mondays through Thursdays. I had been drinking during the week and snacking after dinner and it's time to cut that out. I'm two days in and pretty proud of myself. I have my salads for Tuesday through Friday at work so hopefully I can see a bit more of a loss by next Wednesday because I'd like to be down at least a pound or two in September after not losing at all in August. I should also probably pay more attention to what I am eating on the weekends. Monday was all about a giant cheeseburger because after I donated blood, I think I got a bit anemic. I have 9.2 lbs to lose to be back to my goal weight that looks something like this:
This was 9 years ago today at my brother's wedding.

Lifetime Steps: 4,070,928
That's 78,059 since last week which averages out to 11,151 steps a day. I was not consistent with hitting my goal this week because I donated blood on Friday morning and had weird side effects until Tuesday more or less. I did have a nice 18-day streak going until Friday though! On Monday, I skipped my lunch time walk but Christa invited me on an after dinner walk and I finally felt well enough so we went and now my butt is officially back in gear.
Friday - short by 3,344 (no walk)
Saturday - short by 57 (no walk)
Sunday - short by 459 (no walk)
Monday - short by 714 (after dinner stroll with the girl)

Frame of Mind
I gotta admit, I'm a little bummed about how my benevolent gesture of donating blood on Friday turned so sour so quickly. I used to donate all the time in my twenties with no side effects but I guess I am old now so my body turns on me more quickly. Friday night I was exhausted afterwards and ended up asleep by like 9 p.m. I'm talking not able to keep my eyes open tired. On Saturday, we did the beach cleanup for an hour before I got so dizzy I had to actually lie down at the park. I missed Casey's soccer game because I was so tired I needed a two hour nap. When I woke up I had weird tingling in my fingers, like pins and needles, so I ended up in the Urgent Care after talking to the nurse hotline. I'm going to have a blood panel done after I meet with my primary physician next Wednesday. We can check my iron levels, my thyroid and maybe check for pre-diabetes because my uncle was recently diagnosed and my frequent urination is a symptom so I'm naturally paranoid now. Honestly, I pee like twice an hour. It's nuts.
Other than these random bouts of tingly fingers and dizziness, I feel pretty good. I'm beyond excited to go to Disneyland on Monday and it's all consuming. Our matching tee shirts arrived and they are so cute! We have a fun weekend ahead with soccer and cousin visits and a sleepover at BFF's while the boys go to football. I recently bought some "large" underwear because my XLs were getting too big. Today I am swimming in a shirt I haven't worn in some time and that makes me laugh.


Weekend Pics

 We participated in Coastal Cleanup Day.
 We collected 1.85 pounds of trash in an hour.
 Then we celebrated Oktoberfest at Poseidon with pretzel necklaces.
 We also got matching boots.
 And some currywurst. It was like Berlin all over again.
 Casey found this rock when we were cleaning.
 It's pretty neat people do this.
 Sunday morning lap status.
 These two are thick as thieves.
 Then Husband threw a telephone pole.
And some more heavy stuff. Highland Games are coming.