Haiku Friday

Saw a homeless man
But I didn't have any change
I did have an egg
Asked "Are you hungry?"
He said "Yes" so I gave him
My extra hard boiled
I wonder if he
Thought I gave him a raw egg
I can't help but laugh


Book Review

When Husband and I went to see Jim Breuer do stand-up at Levity Live in Oxnard, he said he'd take pictures after the show if we bought his book. He also said if we didn't want to buy the book, he'd take the money for the a picture and give you a free copy of his book. Always one for a meet and greet, we bought the book (which he signed) and took the picture. I just finished reading I'm Not High and I can honestly I'm not mad I paid twice the going rate for it. It also helps that I started listening to his podcast "The Metal In Me" and minutes into the first episode I listened to, he was singing Oxnard's praises.
The book itself is a collection of about twenty short stories. He talks about his childhood, breaking into stand-up, his time on SNL, being a movie star, falling in love and taking care of his elderly father. However, what I liked most, was his open and honest discussion of his spirituality. He spoke of the many times he felt God was giving him signs and making things happen around him. I'm not overly religious but I can relate to those feelings and it was refreshing to read someone who might be seen as just a goofball comedian talk about how a higher power might be involved and guiding your life. His chapter on Chris Farley's tragic end of life really moved me. This is the last of my two "stand up comedian" books but I'm glad I read them back to back. The world could use more funny and nice stories right now. I know I can.


Weigh In Wednesday

You see that there? 199.8! I'm under 200! I reached a goal! Down 23.2 lbs overall, 1 pound since last week. I am so happy about this. So happy. 9.8 lbs to go to reach my drivers license weight!

Lifetime Steps: 3,648,909
That's 79,794 since last week which averages out to be 11,399 steps a day. I was killing the steps during the week and this weekend I sort of lost my mojo. Saturday short 3,379; Sunday short 2,255; Yesterday short 1,984. Not sure I have many excuses for that. I did some swimming on Saturday. Sunday we went to the Zoo. Yesterday we went to the beach. Sometimes I prefer naps over walks. What can I say? On Monday, I did notice I was just shy a few and threw Christa in her stroller and we did a walk. She likes to go far and tell me to run. My wee coach.
Frame of Mind
I feel like I'm in a pretty good place. I mean, this bullshit with 45 and the white supremacists is really ruining things for me in a mental health aspect but life is good. I took half days on Monday and Tuesday to hang with the kids which was nice. I didn't do much in the way of meal prep this week for work lunches and I have been drinking too much lately. Husband and I had a good chat on Monday about getting back on the right track. I'm not going buck-wild right now but I'll commit to recommitting to my diet on Monday. I'm all set to get back to lunch walks today. Just trying to do my best.


Weekend Pics

 Friends came over for pizza on Friday night.
 Mama got a Christa makeover on Saturday morning.
 Seahorse Death Race
Before she turned purple. Where were you, sun?
 Sunday morning cuddle puddle.
 Zoo with Gaga. Pictures on Flickr, too.
Long naps. Chill weekend. 


Haiku Friday

We have zero plans
Nowhere to go or to be
What a great feeling!
If the weather's nice
Maybe the beach or the pool
Just a goal to chill
No more summer camp
Back to boring routine land
That's my favorite place


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 200.8
No gain or loss which is pretty awesome considering I am on my period and it is the day after the fair where I ate my fair share of sugary fried things, washed down with some icy brews. Down 22.2 overall. I have not been trying very hard in regards to dieting or cutting back my drinking this summer. School starts next Wednesday and I feel like that will get me back in the mode. Right now, our weeks are full of fun activities and going out too much so I'm happy to just maintain.

Lifetime Steps: 3,569,115
95,671 since last week so 13,667 per day average. This is more like it. Yesterday at the fair I chalked up a big ol' 16,787 steps. I exceeded my 10k step daily goal every day since last Wednesday and that is what I'm talking about.

Measurements: (again, unsure about this but glad to see down overall)
Bust 41 (November was 44 so down 3")
Waist 36 (November was 39 so down 3")
Hips 43 (November was 45 so down 2")
Thigh 25 (November was 27 so down 2")
Arm 14 (November was 14 so maintain)

Frame of Mind
I'm excited about some before and after action.  We went to the fair and just looking at the comparison between last year's picture and this year, I can see such a difference in our faces. I compared a picture from September when I got the Fitbit and I just can't believe how my body has changed. I have forty to fifty pounds to lose if I want to be in a "normal" weight range so I need to keep remembering how easy it is to gain this weight back and how hard it is to lose it.
Otherwise, things are good. It's been a very fun summer. I can't complain. I just hope that we don't have a nuclear holocaust on our hands like the news makes it sound like. That would be a huge bummer.


Weekend Pics

 Saturday morning stretch sesh.
 Nice little yard sale find. She screamed a scream I'd not heard before.
 The neighbor dog was watching us make s'mores.
So the kids and I took selfies 
 We're pretty.
 Sunday morning re-commitment to walking.
 Baking with sister.
 Casey chilling in his new chair from Miss Deanna
Christa chilling, too.

On Saturday morning, Husband and I helped a friend move for like 4 hours. We did all the heavy lifting and it really took a toll on me. I chilled super hard for the rest of the weekend, finally. I committed to leisure and it was worth it 100%. Today I was trying to commit to fitness and losing weight and being good but I'm on my period and eating cookies for breakfast instead. Hope I can turn it around.


Haiku Friday

The weekend is here
I can't believe it's August
One week left of camp
It has been so warm
I don't like humidity
Sticky and sweaty
Not too much planned out
Helping a friend move, swimming
Drinking lots of beer


Book Review

For my birthday, Christine bought me Bert Kreischer's "Life of the Party" because she came with me to see him perform in January and clearly was listening as I repeatedly expressed my love for him during the show. I am ashamed that it has been almost two months since I finished my last book but I'm glad I have been slowly reading these stories all this time. I've been laughing a lot at his stories that meander between being the inspiration for Van Wilder thanks to an article in Rolling Stone to his stand-up years and becoming a married man and a father. What I didn't expect, however, was to have finished the book with actual tears in my eyes, blowing my nose into a Kleenex. I guess that's why I love the guy.
Some of his stories I'd heard before on podcasts and during his performance. Others were stories about the celebrities he's crossed paths with over the years. All of them, though, were were well written and engaging. I am anxious to loan this out to everyone after my husband uses it for potty reading. You've been warned.


Weigh In Wednesday Addendum

Thought I'd review my monthly loss since I started tracking in November because I thought it would be a good way to keep a record. It's nice to see I have been consistent with overall loss and that the fluctuations are not out of the norm.

11/2 - 222
11/9 - 221.8
11/16 - 221.2
11/23 - 220.4
11/30 - 219.2
Total Monthly Loss: 2.8 lbs

12/7 - 220
12/14 - 220
12/21 - 219.8
12/28 - 217.8
Total Monthly Loss: 2.2 lbs

1/4 - 217
1/11 - 215.2
1/18 - 216.8
1/25 - 215.8
Total Monthly Loss: 1.2 lbs

2/8 - 214.6
2/15 - 214.2
2/22 - 212
Total Monthly Loss: 2.6 lbs

3/1 - 213.8
3/8 - 213.8
3/15 - 211
3/22 - 210
3/29 - 208.4
Total Monthly Loss: 5.4 lbs

4/5 - 207.6
4/12 - 207.2
4/19 - 206
4/26 - 206
Total Monthly Loss: 1.6 lbs

5/10 - 204.8
5/17 - 203
5/24 - 205.6
5/31 - 204
Total Monthly Loss: 1.6 lbs

6/7 - 203.8
6/14 - 201.6
6/21 - 202.4
6/28 - 203
Total Monthly Loss: 0.8 lbs

7/5 - 202.6
7/12 - 201.6
7/19 - 201.4
7/26 - 201.4
Total Monthly Loss: 1.2 lbs

Weight In Wednesday

Weight: 200.8
Down .6 since last week and 22.2 overall. I didn't do measurements this morning so I'll do them next week. I noticed my pants are feeling looser. That's nice. I haven't exactly been super diet conscious lately. I need to try harder. I didn't drink on Monday night and I think that was the same as last week? Yesterday, however, I went to visit BFF who is recovering from surgery and we had celebratory drinks and pizza and on the way home I overindulged in a thing called brownie brittle that I never need to have again ever. Amen. Unless PMS ruins everything, I hope to be under 200 by next week. Please and thank you.

Lifetime Steps: 3,473,444
That's 71,795 since last week which averages to 10,256/day. This is not great. I did not hit my goal on Friday (2,180 short), Saturday (2,938 short), Sunday (1,857 short) or yesterday (449 short). No bueno. Friday I had a doctor's appointment and picked the kids up early so no walk. Saturday and Sunday were sort of lazy meandering days and I didn't make the time to go for a walk and instead napped both days for a long time. Yesterday I drove down to LA and back and spent a lot of time on the couch chatting with my bestie. I was going to be lazy again but after dinner I loaded Sis in the stroller and we took a nice little walk together where I got a good sweat going thanks to the humidity and I felt better because I chose not to be lazy. Choosing is a big part of all this.

Frame of Mind
My Fitbit is sort of broken and it is frustrating me while I wait for my replacement. It is not recording my active steps and it won't sync and I have become aware of how addicted I am to this little piece of technology. My head doesn't seem like it is in the game in regards to my diet other than when I am at work. I'm struggling with not drinking during the week but I will say it has gotten much better than the 3 drinks a night I used to drink. I've been snacking after dinner and I'm not going to get where I want to be if I don't buckle down. At least our Blue Apron dinners have us eating healthy goodness.
In real life? I'm stoked I got to see BFF yesterday and see that she is recovering so well. I was super worried and now I feel like I don't have to be because she is a warrior princess. On Friday I got the diagnosis that I have ringworm and I'm bummed about that but whatever, I have cream and this too shall pass and whatever. School starts in two weeks and I welcome being back in our regular routine again. I love my family and my job is great and I have no complaints other than whatever the eff is going on in Washington DC so I guess I consider myself hashtagblessed.
See how good she looks? And how happy we are?


Weekend Pics

 Skippin' into the weekend like...
 Took a minimum day on Friday to see the doctor for my ringworm. 
That meant Chick-fil-A for the kids. They love that place.
 Then we had Toppers for dinner and this mess had a crazy outfit on.
 Saturday was the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History because we had a free pass.
Pictures are on Flickr.
Then we tried a new brewery called Captain Fatty's and it was great. 

I haven't taken a walk since Thursday and that is not great. I rested a lot. I didn't watch what I was eating or drinking. I want my cleaning lady back. Sunday was spent back-to-school shopping. It was a fine, uneventful weekend.


Haiku Friday

I didn't say much
But I sure have been afraid
I think it has passed
We're too young for this
To worry about cancer
Being sick at all
But here we are and
We are stronger for it right?
This too shall pass. Sigh


Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
No change since last week. That's probably because I'm not trying very hard. It seems silly to say this but after swim lessons, I'm starving and I'm tired and I don't feel much like being good. Last week we made it Monday/Tuesday without drinking. This week so far, only Monday. I think the fact that we keep trying is success in itself.

Lifetime Steps: 3,401,649
82,299 since last week which averages to 11,757 steps a day. I did not hit my goal on Saturday, short 1,312 steps. I opted for a nap in lieu of a walk that day since at 5:30 in the morning I awoke to the privilege of cleaning up Casey's barf. Good times. My steps have decreased and it is likely due to the time in the pool. I don't mind it. I am considering ditching the Fitbit on September 1 since that will be the year anniversary. Maybe I will join a gym and go there during lunch instead.

Frame of Mind
I laughingly told myself we'd take it easy in July but so far that has not been the case. This is our last week of swim class and while I like it, I'll be glad to going back to the "no plans after work" schedule I am used to. It's been very nice having Husband making dinner but I miss it, too. I guess you don't know what you like until you're not doing it any more.
I want to take a moment to just once again mention how disgusted I am with the current presidency. I am vehemently against his hateful rhetoric. I am disgusted by the enablers. I can't fathom how this shit show has continued well beyond its welcome. I am disappointed that nothing has been done to stop this. I fear the world we live in where any of this is even remotely acceptable or encouraged. It has made me loathe his supporters and I don't like loathing anyone. Exhausting.


Transformation Tuesday

Husband and I have been on this weight loss journey together and today he sent me the picture in the scrubs with the text "Crazy that I used to not even be able to tie these pants." What a difference nine years makes! That picture in the plaid shorts was taken in April of 2008, right after we said "I love you" for the first time. He really is my inspiration and I'm glad we are in this together. My sexy man.


Weekend Pics

 Kids and tablets make for nice dinners.
 Evening at the Harbor after a super fun dinner with friends from out of town.
 Saturday night we saw Jim Breuer at Levity Live.
 Then we bought his book at the merch table. 
He signed it for us and did the goat and took a selfie. 
 Gaga babysat the kids and sent me this silliness.
 Sunday was the Pasadena Kidspace Children's Museum.
Lots of fun photos on Flickr. Highly recommend.
 Lisa cruised the museum with us then we had a yummy lunch. I heart Blog Friends.
 Christa with her ice cream and souvenir.
And Casey with his. Did I mention the Pasadena heat? Yikes.


Haiku Friday

Not a great morning
Crazy lady blocking the
Drive thru ATM
Got cut off and had
My gas pump taken from me
Cuss words were spoken
Then the pump shot out
And landed right on my toe
Splashing me with gas


Weigh-In Wednesday

Weight: 201.4
Down .2 since last week, 21.6 overall. This is nice because I'm actively trying. We didn't drink two days last week and we've made it two days this week so far. I forgot to buy my cereal this week so I've been eating more fruits instead of those carbs. Maybe that helps. I've also removed ice cream from my home because I can't stop myself from indulging at night. Two nights in a row no drinking and no after dinner snacks. Sucks but it works. My short term goal is to get under 200 by August 1. Next long term goal will be to get to 190.
March vs July, Difference of 10 lbs.

Lifetime Steps: 3,319,350
That's 58,454 since last week which averages to 8,351/day. Disclaimer: I did not wear my fitbit at all for one second on Saturday or Sunday. I made a conscious decision to take a break because we were driving to and from Murrieta and I knew we'd be in the pool. Monday I did not hit my steps because I took my work husband to lunch for his birthday in lieu of walking and my evening - where I would have played catch up - was full of swim class and lunch prep for the week. Yesterday I walked again at lunch, with purpose, and I went to bed sore. Moral of that story? Breaks sometimes maybe do more harm than good.

Frame of Mind
I could go super negative here and admit dieting plus no weekend drinking equals "sucks" but I'll try and keep it positive. I am excited to have added swimming to our evening routine because it means I'm adding a different kind of physical activity to my life. I'm hopeful that when these classes end I can add another aspect of exercise to my daily routine like yoga or weights. Last week I walked with my coworker and it made me very appreciative of the solitude of my lunchtime walks. That is my time where I can zone out and set my own pace and it rules. It makes such a huge difference to my day.
In regards to my daily life, things are pretty good. Work has been mellow. Husband took an earlier shift while I'm taking the kids to swim class so he's been making dinner that is basically ready when I get home and that makes me feel very spoiled and taken care of. A nice respite. I'm stoked because I got our Mickey's Halloween Party tickets so I'll have something to be super excited about until September 25. Lately people outside of my tight wee circle want to make plans with me so that's awesome but also challenging because the older I get the more I realize I'm sort of a weirdo isolation lady that only wants to hang out with her spouse. Summer has been good so far. Can't believe it will be over in 4 weeks!


Swim Lessons

Even though the kids have had lots of experience in the pool between cousins and Gaga having one, I decided to sign them up for actual swim lessons this summer. Casey can swim, just not well. He goes to the same Oxnard High School pool once a week with camp as our lessons are held. I'd like for him to learn how to float and be more confident in the water. He does this thing where he bounces on the floor of the pool and it makes people think he's drowning. Christa usually uses a little chest/arm floatie device. She has the idea down but can't float or swim unassisted when that vest isn't on.
I get to take "Baby & Me" lessons with her but Casey is in his own class. He may advance today because yesterday he did most things independently, as I suspected he would. As for Christa, she is such a confident, fearless, good listener, the coach used her as the example. She practiced floating on her back, opening her eyes under water, kicking on a paddle board... pretty basic. She does not dig the fact that I have to hold her; she'd rather play on her own. We get to do this Monday through Friday from 5-5:45 for two weeks. I can't wait to see the results!


Weekend Pics

 On Friday night, Christa did this all herself!
 Saturday morning the kids and I took ourselves on a road trip.
 Lunch with the Fam Bam 
 Boy was it hot. We swam a lot on Saturday.
 Gelato for diner? You bet.
 Breakfast Beauty