Weigh In Wednesday

Weight: 217.8
Despite indulging like a madman, that's down two pounds since last week. Don't ask me how this happened, I simply don't know. But I will take it. I have been eating cookies and candy like a crazy person which is nuts since I just do not eat like that. Believe me, it took a toll on my tummy. Not sure it was worth it. I don't feel like I've been excessively drinking. I took a lot of naps this weekend and we did some outdoors time. Just busy I guess!

Lifetime steps: 1,030,086
65,128 steps since last week which averages to be 9,304 steps a day. Not too shabby. I only hit/exceeded my goal Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The weather has either been windy or rainy plus it was Christmas. I think it was Wednesday when I actually did my lunch walk in the rain. Not gonna beat myself up. Shit is going to get REAL in January. This week I have too many stupid errands to run. Oh, holidays and work and being a mom and wife...

Frame of Mind
I am 100% over Christmas. Husband won't let me take down decorations but I'm slowly getting them down. Not trying to rip the band-aid off anyone. I feel so pumped about the weight loss and my jeans are baggy and that is neat. I still have a long road ahead but seeing progress is really the kick I need to keep on keeping on. (#fitby40) I went to the ER on Friday because I have a terrible pain in my side. It wakes me up from sleep and sometimes hurts so bad I can hardly stand up from a seated position. Because Christine recently had her appendix removed, and kidney stones and gallstones run in my family, and our friend Toni passed away due to intestinal issues, I really freaked out. It turns out, according to my blood and urine and ultrasound, everything looks great. Apparently it is muscular/skeletal and can be eased with stretching and movement. The desk job takes a toll I guess. Watching all these celebrities (and Toni) pass away at fairly young ages has me pretty anxious and feeling PTSD about losing my dad. It has motivated me to schedule a physical for January and get a real plan of action going so I can be the best and healthiest me I can be for the family.

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